Wingman vs. Dooly:
8 Out of 10 Sales Leaders Can’t Be Wrong!

That’s right. 8 out of 10 sales leaders choose Wingman over Dooly. And we totally get it. Wingman is a complete sales tool that helps your team before, during and after the call.

Rock-solid Salesforce integration is important for any sales team, true that. But you also need to be able to help them in those revenue-critical moments when they are actually in the line of fire. Use past performances to achieve greater heights. And yes, do it all in a way that is efficient, repeatable and scalable.

360 Degrees of Sales Success

Unlike Dooly, Wingman is a full-fledged conversation intelligence tool that helps your sales team before, during and after the sales call, providing 360 degrees of support to your sales process.

Before a sales call, sales folks can dip into their Wingman library to remind themselves of best practices, listen to prior calls or review highlights and notes.

When sales folks are on the phone (or Zoom), Wingman helps them with live, contextual battle cards. So if the prospect mentions a competitor, or asks a question about the product, a card with relevant information pops up automatically.

After the outreach, the rep can use Wingman’s Slack Actions feature to update the CRM (yes, we have pretty good integration with Salesforce too) through Slack - no more juggling a ton of dashboards for relatively simple tasks.

Of course, sales leaders can review calls at their convenience (assisted by our conversation intelligence tech), check analytics for things like talk-listen ratio, quickly scan the transcript and leave relevant notes at specific points of the call. It’s a constant cycle of improvement, refinement and revenue precision.

Next, let’s take a deeper look at Wingman’s features and how they are game changers for your sales team.

Slack actions - For those revenue critical moments

In one word - seamless. That’s what we designed Wingman Slack Actions to be. A part of your workflow you barely give another thought to, but something that makes your job so much easier. In revenue critical moments when speed and efficiency are just as important as a rock-solid sales playbook, slack actions have your back in a million small ways. For example:

By providing you with warnings about at-risk deals so you can step in and save the day.
After all, what would Batman be without his bat-signal?
By arming you with essential deal info before a critical meeting.
Wingman syncs with your calendar, sees what meetings you have coming up, and sends you information like prospect intel and past conversations right in your slack interface.

By sending you a checklist of next-steps right after a meeting.
Wingman will make a list of actions that were discussed on the call, all transcribed and presented on your slack. With Wingman handling this aspect of the sales process, there will be no more “Uhh, where did I keep my notes!”

By letting you send follow up mails and update your CRM from your Slack.
Updating the CRM is absolutely critical for proper sales forecasting. And yet, how much time do you waste opening windows, logging in to your CRM, looking for a single field in a maze of similar fields and arguing with yourself about how you can always update the CRM next week? No more. Update your CRM easily and quickly right from your slack.

Ace calls and plug revenue leaks with live Battle Cards

Let’s talk about the cause of, and solution to a sales person’s problems.That’s right - we’re talking about calls. Whether ice cold or sizzling hot, calls are where deals are won or lost. Every call is a battlefield, because you can never un-lose a deal.

Which is why you need Wingman Battle Cards.These are context-sensitive, real-time cards with with relevant information about what’s being discussed in the call. All the hard work of your sales enablement team, right there when you need it the most.

No, you don’t have to manually search for them. We don’t want a sales rep focusing on anything other than the prospect when you are on the call with them.

With a full stack of real-time Battle Cards at your disposal, you can handle the trickiest use cases with confidence - from questions on what differentiates you from your competitors to curveballs about pricing or even the prospect’s customer demographics.

Let sales leaders sell - create a repeatable, scalable sales coaching engine

It’s the proverbial rock and a hard place.

On one hand, you want your best people to do what they do best - sell and close deals. Those Q4 results aren’t going to look pretty if they are stuck all day coaching.

On the other, having less time to coach means your team misses out on the experience and wisdom of your brightest stars. That means they take more time to level up, make simple mistakes in the sales process that lose deals and sure enough, revenue starts slipping through the cracks.

Sales tools like Dooly don’t really take care of this side of the sales equation. However, with Wingman, you can optimize the sales management process to get the best of both worlds. Wingman lets your experienced sales folks coach on their own time - zipping through call transcripts, listening to the bits that are important, and leaving highlights and notes using the easy Wingman interface.

Oh, and this is not a one-and-done. You can build your own library (or libraries) of game tapes containing the best or most teachable moments from calls, dramatically reducing onboarding time. Now, new team members have whole playlists of calls to go through, along with notes on what they can take away from them, speeding up the sales coaching process.