Gong vs Wingman: Just the facts

We're playing judge and jury on this one, but promise the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth on how we stack-up against Gong and why you need a Wingman by your side ✋.

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re thinking “Yeah, a comparison of Wingman with a competitor, on the Wingman website. I’m sure this’ll be straight down the middle, no biases whatsoever. No sir, none at all.” All while your eyes roll to the back of your head.

And I get it. I’d be skeptical too.

But here’s the deal. We actually like Gong. It’s a cool piece of software, and it’s great at what it does. It drives a lot of value for a lot of companies.

The question is, will it drive value for YOU?

As great as Gong is, it’s not for everyone. And if it’s not right for you, then the worst time to discover it is right after you have signed up for a year-long, or even a month-long subscription. So let’s lay our cards on the table and talk about why Wingman might be the tool that fits your needs juuuust right.

Live coaching vs, well, NO live coaching

With traditional conversational intelligence (CI) solutions like Gong, you can review your reps’ calls once they are over. We at Wingman believe that might just be too late. Sometimes, your reps need coaching while on call. So what do you do? Sit in on every single call

Well no. Unlike most tools, Wingman features live alerts, contextual suggestions and cue cards when your rep is actually on the call. In other words, when help is needed the most. Whether it’s a monologue alert when the rep has been talking continuously for too long or a sales battlecard with competitor details when the prospect brings them up - Wingman has your back on the battlefield.

Transparent pricing vs “talk to us to find out”

With Wingman, you can get started at just $60 per rep per month. That’s it. No hidden costs, no surprise fees, no minimum seats required. It’s a price point that many of our customers, especially in the SMB sector, appreciate.

Oh, and the cost is just for reps who want to use Wingman on call. For observers, i.e. people who want to listen to calls or game tapes (think of your sales leaders who just want to listen to calls), there’s no charge. Now isn’t that a weight off your back?

One-click setup vs hours of fiddling

Think back to those Christmas mornings when you couldn’t wait to grab your gift from under the tree. Ripping open the lovingly packaged box was fun, because it took minutes and soon you’d be playing with your shiny new toy.

Now imagine if it took hours to open the box, and involved dozens of fiddly little knobs and dials. Not fun, right?

With Wingman, you just have to sign up and push start. Onboarding and setup takes minutes (And costs zero dollars. Like we said, transparent pricing.), so that you can get to the good stuff soon. Very different from the pages of settings you have to go through (and pray you don’t misclick on something that messes up the whole setup) to get started on a tool like Gong.

Insights first vs reams of data

Tools like Gong give you lots and lots of data, for sure. So does Wingman. It’s what a CI tool is supposed to do. But what do you do with that data? This is why the Wingman dashboard is focused on giving you the insights first, front and center. This means you can easily:

  • Identify potential blockers that keep deals from moving forward or closing
  • Identify winning sales patterns and potential areas of improvement
  • Govern and collaborate on deals at every stage of the sales process

Oh and don’t worry, if you love the data it’s still there, just a couple of clicks away. Detailed breakdowns of deals, win/loss rates, talk/listen ratios, topics discussed, competitor mentions — all filtered by rep, date and more. We just like serving up the actionable bits first.

Clean, simple UX vs a maze of layers

Layers are great when you're an art installation. When you’re a conversation intelligence tool, not so much. Review your sales calls, pipeline, team performance and call transcriptions in one single glance with Wingman. No complicated filters, endless clicks or scrolling. Just take a look!

Wingman syncs seamlessly with all the apps you love

Revenue leak - the big problem

Let’s get down to brass tacks here. The reason you need a CI tool like Wingman (or even Gong) is because you have identified a problem in your revenue process. You are facing what we call a revenue leak, and you are not alone.

Companies leak almost 15% of their revenue on average. Yes, it’s a shocking number, and it can mean the difference between a company surviving a tough economic climate, or not.

With Wingman, it is our objective to help you plug this revenue leak with revenue precision. What is revenue precision, you ask? Simple, it is an operating standard that results in the full capture of revenue — predictably and repeatedly. And Wingman has been designed to help you achieve revenue precision in several stages of the revenue process. With Wingman, you can:

  • Stay on top of deals with intuitive warnings and actions in Deal Central
  • Streamline your workflow with Slack integration. Get alerts when a prospect views a video, or when you are tagged in a call recording
  • Directly change the deal stage, send a follow-up email or start a conversation with a deal owner on Slack
  • Coach reps at scale and promote peer-to-peer learning using Call Scorecards, call tagging, asynchronous learning and more.
  • Speed up onboarding using Game Tapes and Call Scorecards
  • Get to work faster with best-in-class 85% accurate transcripts, within minutes of the end of the sales call
  • Enhance productivity by seamlessly integrating with tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack and others. And a two-way CRM sync!
  • Categorize pipeline risks based on deal value, stakeholders and blockers

All right! If you made it this far, we clearly have something you like (yay us!), so let’s move on to the next stage of the conversation? After all, it’s not enough for you to know how we fit your needs better than Gong — you should know how Wingman is absolutely the best tool for your needs.So why don’t you set up a chat with us? Let’s talk.