Wingman vs Scratchpad: Because Insights Matter More Than Just Data

Scratchpad provides a great way to see your CRM data in an easy, recognizable, spreadsheet format. You know what it doesn’t provide? Actual analysis. Insights.

Basically, anything that helps you navigate the revenue stream.

Wingman, on the other hand, is designed to help your sales team with so much more. From updates and alerts for follow-ups, to real-time alerts that help you control the flow of a sales conversation, Wingman is the complete sales tool to give your team an edge.

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Slack actions go beyond spreadsheets

Spreadsheets are great for simplifying and editing complex data tables. You know what’s even simpler?
Telling someone to do it for you.

Well, until you get a personal assistant to make CRM updates (wouldn’t that be the dream though?) Wingman has the next best thing with Slack actions.

Allowing you to receive alerts and make updates to your CRM right from your Slack interface.
You know, the same tool you are on all day, every day.

That’s right, no more having to open up a third-party tool just for CRM updates.
No more pointless clicking.

That’s not all though, because Wingman can ALSO alert you about at-risk deals or missed follow ups directly on Slack. And even send those pesky follow-up emails (with your permission, of course).

Prepping for that big call? Slack actions will help you with that as well, with prospect information and pre-call checklists.

Slack actions are a way to integrate those essential but irritating tasks into your workflow in a way that is seamless and non-intrusive. So you can focus on selling better.

Live assistance during those critical calls

Imagine having to hunt through a spreadsheet, or any sheet, when you are on that make or break call with a prospect.

Every minute you spend stalling takes a year off your life.

The fact is, you can’t prepare for every question. But the prospect expects you to.

Well, that’s what a good wingman is for.

Wingman provides contextual battlecards that pop up during calls based on whatever is being discussed.

So if the prospect says “what about competitor X? They seem to be doing well.”

You know exactly what to say and how to make your product stand out.

Because a battle card with the information has already come up on your Wingman dashboard.

Wingman will even tell you if you have been talking for too long.

So you know when it’s time to engage the prospect with a well thought out question.

Because you want the prospect to do the bulk of the talking.

Faster onboarding and upskilling with insightful call libraries

Call reviews are how sales folks improve.
But what if those call reviews didn’t just help one salesperson, or even the current team, but all future salespeople?

That’s what you get with Wingman.

Build your library (or libraries) of sales calls, with full recordings or just call snippets, all neatly organized, tagged by keyword, along with highlights and notes from sales leaders and coaches.

Let your team learn on their own time. No more sitting around until both coach and coachee finally find a slot on their calendar.

Introduce new sales folks to the library and watch them level up in weeks, not months, thanks to legacy data and insights.

Create multiple libraries of these “game tapes” each dedicated to a specific aspect of selling, or industry minutiae.