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Sales Pipeline vs Sales Funnel - The Differences You Need To Know

Have you been using “sales funnel” and “sales pipeline” interchangeably? Let’s discuss how they are similar, but different.

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The 10 Most Critical Sales Pipeline Metrics to Monitor in 2022

We are flooded by business data, so let’s focus and talk about the 10 most critical sales pipeline metrics you need to monitor.

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8 Tips To Meet and Exceed Your Sales Goals (Using Conversational Intelligence)

Meeting your sales goals is critical for growth - both personal as well as for the company. See how CI tools can help with that.

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What Are Sales Goals? Examples and Tips To Help Your Team

Setting the right sales goals is crucial for your sales strategy and team morale. See how you can do it right, with examples.

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How Does Call Transcription Help Sales Reps?

Sales call transcription is immensely useful for sales reps, helping them improve their performance and hit their quotas. Let’s see how.

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