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Wingman Is Dope and Other Fun Things Our Customers Say

Hurrah! Wingman is recognized as a leader in the mid-market segment for conversation intelligence software for fall 2020 by business software review platform G2. This means we're the leading partner for fast-growing, ambitious companies that want to supercharge their sales teams.

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Sales in the Time of Covid

Selling during a pandemic can be difficult, to say the least. They key lies in listening to your customers and understanding what matters to them. We crunched our call data to get you the insights you need to become relevant to your prospects.

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Mental Health and Remote Selling: The Balancing Act for Sales Teams

The mental health of remote selling teams is often ignored. Learn from top sales leaders on how to manage mental health and other issues that affect remote sales teams.

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Cold Calling Tips for Selling in Tough Times

Is cold calling dead? Is COVID 19 and the absence of desk phones putting a nail in the cold calling coffin? This blog is THE ultimate guide to cold-calling for these times. You will learn what not to say, the best openers and cold calling scripts that are working right now and hear from actual buyers on what's working on them!

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Ebook on How B2B Buying & Selling will change in 2020

This Ebook brings to you discussions, quotes, and comments from sales leaders across different segments of the business on how B2B businesses might be affected due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We aim to help sales teams make informed decisions in all aspects of sales during this pandemic.

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