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The Challenger Sales Model: Everything You Need to Know

The Challenger sales model is all about approaching customers with unique insights on how to save or make money. We discuss how.

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The MEDDIC Sales Process: The Ultimate Guide

MEDDIC isn’t the new kid on the block, but there's still a lot to learn from it. With MEDDIC, you’re always qualifying, weeding out the “unwinnables” and keeping your sales pipeline lean and clean. 

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Overcoming Sales Objections: A Data-Driven Guide

No matter what you sell, overcoming sales objections can be a daunting task. But which objections actually spell deal death and which can be overcome? Read on for data that never lies on the impact of sales objections on deal outcomes.

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Wingman Is Dope and Other Fun Things Our Customers Say

Hurrah! Wingman is recognized as a leader in the mid-market segment for conversation intelligence software for fall 2020 by business software review platform G2. This means we're the leading partner for fast-growing, ambitious companies that want to supercharge their sales teams.

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Sales in the Time of Covid

Selling during a pandemic can be difficult, to say the least. They key lies in listening to your customers and understanding what matters to them.

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