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Cold Calling Tips for Selling in Tough Times

Is cold calling dead? Is COVID 19 and the absence of desk phones putting a nail in the cold calling coffin? This blog is THE ultimate guide to cold-calling for these times. You will learn what not to say, the best openers and cold calling scripts that are working right now and hear from actual buyers on what's working on them!

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Ebook on How B2B Buying & Selling will change in 2020

This Ebook brings to you discussions, quotes, and comments from sales leaders across different segments of the business on how B2B businesses might be affected due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. We aim to help sales teams make informed decisions in all aspects of sales during this pandemic.

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Guide to a better remote sales team

In this blog, we will be discussing how to take your team remote as quickly as you want, a checklist of everything needed and common challenges. We aim at addressing these challenges and suggest free tools that can help you prioritize employee safety and health while still achieving the sales goal

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Top 10 sales podcast episodes of 2019 that every salesperson must listen to

Running short of time to read long articles? Looking for ways to upgrade existing sales techniques and up-skill for the year ahead? Here is the perfect way to begin your New Year with the best of sales podcasts. This podcast covers themes from the mental aspect of sales, outbound prospecting, B2B selling skills to general human empathy, the power of listening and work-life balance in sales. Hear from the best names in the game including Ira Glass, John Barrows, Justin Welsh, and Amy Volas. Comment other sales podcasts that benefited you in 2019.

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10 hand-picked Black Friday SaaS deals for frugal sales teams! - 2019

10 hand-picked Black Friday SaaS deals for sales teams! - 2019. We all love deals and we researched the best ones for sales teams! Get more done with your 2019 budget and get ready to crush your 2020 targets with these awesome tools.

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