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Vengat Krishnaraj

Vengat is Co-founder and CEO of Klenty, a Sales Engagement Platform used by close to 1000 sales teams across the world to automate their sales emails and follow-ups.

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Voice of Customer: how to make it real for non-customer facing teams - The Klenty Way

Building a global SMB SAAS company with most of the team based in India has one significant challenge - it is very easy to lose sight of the customer. Starting with the time zone difference, cultural differences and geographic distances, there are several degrees of separation between our customers and our team. That makes it more challenging to get a firsthand feel for their day to day life and challenges and the context in which they use Klenty. Making sure that we adopt a customer-first approach to building the company is a top priority and is reflected in the way we design the organization and our operating processes.

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