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10 things to do as a new sales enablement person

10 things to do as a new sales enablement person

Joanne Scouler
Joanne Scouler
September 11, 2019
5 min read

Sales enablement can be daunting. Often the KPIs are unclear or not under your control; there are multiple stakeholders with competing priorities and establishing changes in behaviors is no mean task! As a new sales enablement person how do you set yourself up for success?

#1: Keep your feet on the street

Get to know your sales audience by building a relationship with them and attending sales calls with them. Find out their weakest links where they need help. For example, do they articulate the relevant key strengths of the solution when they discover a new prospect? 

#2: Schmooze with the top

Align yourself with the top Sales executives. They see the challenges their Reps are having and they need your help. They are your key stakeholders and will have a good view of the strength of the pipeline. Determine how you can help solve their problems and discuss the solutions.

#3: Get the big picture

Get a big-picture view & determine what types of sales enablement your organization needs to do. It could be on-boarding, quarterly accreditation, sales kickoff meetings, channel development, coaching, certification, lunch and learns, etc. Focus & prioritize on high priority projects.

#4: Know your sales methodology

Learn the sales methodology your organization is embracing. If they don’t have one, talk to the sales leaders to discuss the one method your company will adopt. Come up with examples and customer stories to get Reps engaged in interactive learning where they apply the sales skills.

#5: Identify key curriculum components 

Build a list of key topics for core content or competencies you need to develop. If you create templates for key topics, it’s a first step in capturing the right information. For example: What are the key components of an elevator pitch? A market landscape summary? A differentiators course? A customer as a hero story?

#6: Practice makes permanent 

Reinforcement is important as Reps practice new skills. They don’t remember everything the first time they learn it. Think of different ways to reinforce what they have learned. For example, give them a short customer scenario with a multiple choice question a couple of weeks after they have a taken a training course.

#7: Learn tricks of the trade from the best

Find out who the top sellers are and uncover their best practices and sales secrets. Respect their time, so get creative about how to capture their tips and techniques. For example, have two stellar reps act out a role-play a specific successful customer interaction and record it.

#8: Always be learning 

Learn the product solution you are the selling and how to sell it. Try out what you teach in real customer situations when possible. Stretch yourself to continue to develop your product knowledge. And don't fret if you need to go back to the basics, you have our sales enablement 101 by your side!

#9: Question and coach

Join your local branch of The Sales Enablement Society. You can go to the organization with questions. Find a coach or mentor in your company or another company as an advisor. You can have more than one. He/she is someone outside your group of key stakeholders whom you trust for guidance. Learn from your coach what works to develop your coaching skills.

#10: Leverage technology tools

Research the latest technology that can help make your job in sales enablement easier. There are some great tools out there that can make a difference. Leveljump can help you show correlations between enablement and sales results. Wingman can provide relevant enablement to Reps on the fly for salient stuff they need to know; for example, real-time tips on how to compete effectively against a primary competitor.

Smile, have fun, and happy selling! 

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