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5 Ways Product and CSM Teams Benefit From an AI Note Taker

5 Ways Product and CSM Teams Benefit From an AI Note Taker

Kushal Saini Kakkar
Kushal Saini Kakkar
July 7, 2022
5 min read

“Team, have we noted down the customer’s pain points? Also, some key features we need to focus on for the next iterations?” asked the product manager.

“Yes, the sales team has all the pointers with them,” the Customer Success Management (CSM) team lead replied. 

“Uhm. Yeah. I think we do”, came a nervous reply from the sales team.

What followed was a frantic search for key pointers and features that were supposedly noted down by the sales reps during their sales calls. 

But to no avail. 

This fiasco ended with the CSM, Product, and Sales teams relying on their intuition and guesswork for further processes.


It doesn’t take a genius to see where the teams went completely off the rails. It also doesn’t take much to see how quickly things can go south for the product and CSM teams from here. This could’ve been avoided.

Imagine if, in the situation described above, there was a way through which the sales team could automate their note-taking process and make it more streamlined. Then, it would’ve been easier for product and CSM teams to get a hold of the notes, gather insights, and take the next steps. It would have also improved the customer experience greatly.

Conversation intelligence-enabled AI note-takers provide exactly these benefits to your organization. Let’s see how this translates to tangible benefits for the product and CSM teams

#1. Product development that caters to your audience’s needs

Sales calls offer the perfect opportunity for product and CSM teams to tap into the sentiments and emotions of their users via customer interactions. However, if sales reps are left on their own to manage the calls and jot down important pointers, things can go downhill pretty quick. 

Conversation intelligence-enabled AI note-takers offer the perfect chance for sales teams to simplify their note-taking and for the product and customer success teams to leverage benefits in real-time. Sales calls hold all the information that product and CS teams require to improve their product development and align it with customers’ needs. With AI note-takers, extracting this data from long sales calls becomes easier. AI note-takers give all the required information - customer pain points, areas of improvement, and overall sentiments and feedback. They help bring the customer voice to your products and boost customer satisfaction. 

AI note-takers also give CSM teams a chance to dive into customer feedback without relying on sales teams as mediators. This removes a lot of friction from the entire process and gives CSM teams insights into customer sentiments, behavior, concerns, and more to simplify and accelerate the customer journey. This information helps CSM teams directly improve customer satisfaction. It’s a win-win - for customers, product teams, and CSM teams! 

#2. Quick and transparent note sharing across the board

The information conveyed during sales calls - both with customers and prospects - is important for all the teams in an organization, not just for the sales reps or sales teams. This means it is important for the notes and insights to be easily shareable across the company without any information loss. This is not possible if sales reps were to take notes on their own. Manual note-taking handicaps sales teams from being completely present on the call and taking insightful, proper notes containing all the key takeaways. 

AI note-takers completely eliminate this challenge and provide sales teams a chance to share all the insights, as is, with product and CSM teams, along with other departments, as and when required. Conversation intelligence-enabled AI note takers use cloud storage to safely organize all the notes from your sales calls along with other customer data. That way, sharing becomes easier than ever. Access can be role-based for particular team members, which will add another layer of security to your data

This capability can be used by other teams, like the CSM team, on their calls with the clients as well. n this way, Artificial Intelligence-enabled note-takers remove last-minute hassles and offer a smooth workflow for product and CSM teams. With quick and transparent note sharing, all the information is conveyed as it is, without any noise or modifications. 

#3. Actionable insights from calls

AI note takers can summarize sales calls, extract key takeaways, perform sentiment analysis, and use natural language processing to understand the context and content of the calls. This capability has proven extremely beneficial for customer-facing sales teams by keeping them up-to-date on their sales calls, improving customer engagement, and simplifying various sales operations. 

But it is important to note that these insights are not just restricted to the sales departments. CSM teams can make use of these features as well. Key metrics such as - moments of hesitation, call duration with clients, and major objections raised by the clients - are directly relevant for various use cases by other departments, especially product and CSM. The product teams work directly on product development by utilizing customer insights, whereas the CSM teams are responsible for ensuring that customer satisfaction is maintained and their pain points are taken care of. 

Both of these things are made much easier and more attainable by using AI note-takers. With proper call transcripts, summaries, and key takeaways, product and CSM teams are in a better position to analyze sales calls as per requirements and derive actionable insights that are most suited to their course of action. This ensures that product and CSM teams can use the conversation intelligence in a way that suits them the most and are not reliant on sales teams for gathering insights. This promotes a culture of autonomy and ensures all the teams are doing their bit! 

#4. Improved customer relationships

AI note-takers have been a life saver for sales teams - especially for repeat calls and queries. Sales teams know exactly where to search to find the customer information they need to provide the best assistance to the callers. This benefit also extends to product and CS teams and helps them develop long-lasting relationships built on understanding and trust. 

All of this has been made possible by keeping track of all the sales conversations, continuously extracting key takeaways and insights, and promoting a culture of transparent communication. This directly translates to improved customer relationships and reduced customer churn - as their needs are met on time and their voice is heard. And as you might already know - a satisfied customer is your best brand ambassador. So, all of this also affects your lead generation and improves your product adoption in the long run. 

#5 Evaluate and improve your CSM team

Customer success teams can also make use of AI note-takers to get insights from customer calls. Customer success managers can monitor these calls to see how their teams are performing. If the customer is unhappy with their experience or wasn’t able to get a problem solved, the CSM can easily go over the call transcript to spot where the CS team member could have performed better. Instead of having to rely on customer feedback, the improvement can be done in real-time. 

In a similar fashion, AI note-takers can also help plan coaching for CS team members. Each member will have strengths and weaknesses, and an AI note-taker's NLP functionalities can lend insight into what these are and provide you with a roadmap. Then you can streamline coaching for each CSM team member according to the areas they need improvement. 

Similarly, for new team members, managers can use the AI note-taker’s insights to plan onboarding. The software will tell you how team members react to criticism, how good they are at upselling and cross-selling, whether or not they follow up on customer feedback, and how skilled they are at customer engagement. And for coaching and onboarding templates, you can always turn to the bank of successful call transcripts you have readily available thanks to the AI note-taker.

Conversation intelligence to handle your note-taking.

AI note-takers allow your product and CSM teams to enhance their operations while staying true to the customer's needs. By introducing automated note-taking into your sales processes, you experience improvements across all of your business processes - which directly results in better customer retention and acquisition and lower customer churn rates. your approach automatically becomes more customer-centric if you have the correct customer data with you. 

Let’s get you these benefits and more - with Wingman!

Being data-driven is a boon in today’s world. You have a factual ground to stand on which eliminates guesswork and uncertainty and improves decision-making. Let us help you achieve that with Wingman - our conversation intelligence platform. It uses AI and automation to go through your business data - from CRM to call recordings and more - to find patterns you can convert into actionable insights for your business. Wingman also provides automated note-taking capability to gather information from your sales calls and help youmake data-backed decisions. Check out the demo and experience the Wingman difference!

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