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5 Ways Sales and Marketing Teams Benefit From an AI Note Taker

5 Ways Sales and Marketing Teams Benefit From an AI Note Taker

Kushal Saini Kakkar
Kushal Saini Kakkar
July 7, 2022
5 min read

Sales and marketing teams have all sorts of hurdles to overcome. 

Marketing team riding on the back of sales team to reach their destination - customer insights

But the truth is that most of these hurdles need not be there. It’s just the inertia of carrying on the traditional processes that have created most of these hurdles - and you can help your teams overcome them in a snap! 

Imagine the number of calls your sales reps make on a day-to-day basis. Now, imagine taking manual notes for all these calls, ensuring all the essential information is captured, and also trying to listen to the caller actively. This is like juggling yourself along with too many balls. 

And the story doesn’t end there. Even if your salespeople capture the information as accurately as they can, sharing it and conveying it across the board is still a challenge. This handicaps marketing teams and makes them rely on sales teams' inputs to understand customers and prospects via sales calls. This has direct impacts on the kind of marketing strategy they can come up with. Evidently, this is not only ineffective but highly frustrating for everyone involved. 

All of this can be done away with in real-time - just by using the right set of tools in your sales process. One such tool is the conversation intelligence-enabled AI note-taker that binds with your sales call processes and works alongside your sales reps to extract information and key takeaways from their communications. The new union budget supports sales and marketing through various measures.

Just this little change and your teams get many benefits that impact their daily work and effectiveness in the long run. AI note-takers come equipped to handle diverse use cases to help your sales and marketing teams excel in their day-to-day jobs. Let’s look at how Artificial Intelligence in note taking helps sales and marketing teams achieve this: 

#1. Automated note-taking from sales calls

Reps no longer need to manually take notes while also staying attentive to the caller’s queries and concerns. AI note-taking tools support multiple integrations to seamlessly blend in with your sales calls and help reps and sales team members extract important takeaways, notes, and insights from all sales calls. This is made possible by conversation intelligence and natural language processing to understand the context of conversations and extract accurate information from them. 

Imagine the amount of freedom and autonomy this brings to your sales reps. With AI note-takers to help them, all they need to focus on is the caller and their concerns - without the additional load of taking meaningful notes. Needless to say, this ensures that your sales reps are more ‘present’ on the call than ever before. That way, they get a chance to provide better assistance and guidance to your current as well as potential customers and reduce your churn rates. Keeping this process automated also ensures that your notes are appropriately structured, well organized, and far from any possible human errors. 

#2. Modified marketing campaigns as per customer needs. 

Good marketing campaigns are all about being creative while addressing the precise problems that your customers are dealing with. Without proper insight into your customers’ behavior, doing this becomes challenging - and you’re left with just guesswork for creating campaigns. AI note-takers flip the situation upside down with their conversation intelligence.



Marketing teams get a chance to tap into their users' exact sentiments, emotions, and concerns by going through the smart sales call notes. All of the information required by the marketing team to design better campaigns is hidden in sales communications. AI note-takers make it easier for marketing teams to unearth that information and use it for improved marketing campaigns. This allows marketing teams to narrow their focus and concentrate on the most important things - that have been highlighted on sales calls. With such a focused approach to marketing campaigns, the chances of success are higher, as you are aware of whom you’re targeting, and you’ve tweaked your messaging perfectly to appeal to your desired audience - all thanks to the customer insights you derived from the AI note-taker. 

#3. Sales coaching and training 

Sales coaching is not about making your sales reps follow your orders. It is more about understanding your sales teams, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of different reps, seeing where they are lacking, and creating coaching and training programs to ensure all the sales reps are adequately taken care of. To do this, sales managers require a lot of insight into customer-rep communications.

Manually monitoring all the calls is impossible for sales managers. But with AI note-takers, it becomes effortless for sales managers to understand different customer-rep conversations. This allows them to dive deeper into sales calls and find areas of improvement. Do the call transcripts and notes reflect that your reps sound too robotic, as if they’re reading from a script? Maybe they need your intervention and help to fix this. Or are your sales reps speaking more than they are listening? Again, you need to find this out and train your teams accordingly. 


Conversational intelligence also enables you to smoothen your sales funnel by identifying stumbling blocks where your sales teams seem to be struggling. With AI note-takers and call transcripts, sales managers get the complete flow of customer-rep conversations with them, including all the important takeaways. Sampling these individual sales calls allows you to spot your team’s problems quickly and create coaching and training programs to address these specific issues - to nip the problems from the bud! 

#4. Improved sales pipeline visibility

The sales pipeline is an important tool in any sales and marketing team’s arsenal. Where do you turn to when you want to know about your prospects and where they are in your sales process? What does your customer journey look like, and how are your rep-customer relationships? To your sales pipeline, of course. The sales pipeline is also useful for understanding different sales reps and their performance and how well the entire sales team is performing with respect to the desired goals. 


If you’re wondering how AI note-takers help you get more visibility into the sales pipeline, remember that these intelligence tools can extract accurate information in the form of takeaways and summaries. This information includes the details you need to understand different prospects, sales reps, their relationships, and how close your prospects are to conversion. All of this information is immensely beneficial for improving forecast accuracy and pipeline management. 

#5. Effective sales enablement

Sales enablement is about equipping yourself with everything relevant - information, tools, techniques, content - required to sell more effectively. Holistically, sales enablement includes sales training and coaching, metrics benchmarking, and proactive customer support. This shouldn’t come as a surprise that all of the things mentioned require factual data to be carried out effectively. You can't provide good coaching without accurate information about your reps' strengths and weaknesses. Likewise, without data, you have no metrics or benchmarks to measure your processes against. 

AI note-takers ensure that your sales team has all the information and content in the form of key pointers extracted from all the sales calls. As we saw in the previous points, the tool also helps you overhaul your sales coaching and training and create effective coaching strategies catered to your sales reps - in a way that ensures holistic growth. By combining these two, AI note-takers give you a chance to carry out effective sales enablement.

AI can take notes - while you do the important stuff! 

The one overarching benefit of using AI note-takers for sales calls is that it frees up your and your team’s critical time. Imagine spending hours taking notes and performing other routine, time-consuming tasks (or, for marketing teams, trying to find accurate notes and gathering customer data for new sales) when you would instead use that time brainstorming complex challenges and trying to come up with solutions. The idea is simple - automate what can be automated, and give your 100% to the rest of the important stuff. 


Conversation intelligence-enabled AI tools help us seamlessly realize this idea while ensuring that your sales and marketing processes are entirely customer-centric for shortening sales cycles, increasing conversion rates, and improving customer experience while optimizing sales workflows and business decision-making. Introduce conversation intelligence to your sales process and experience the ways AI can help transform your sales frameworks and help you get new customers.

Achieve these benefits - and more - with Wingman

Our conversation intelligence platform is here to give your sales and marketing teams the bandwidth and freedom they need to perform more efficiently and effectively. Wingman helps you record sales calls, review deals, plan effective coaching strategies, and build an overall repeatable sales machine. Our tool seamlessly connects to the sales tools you use every day - from your CRM to your calendar, video conferencing apps to Slack, and more. That way, you get a holistic view of your customer data and are in a position to perform data-backed decision-making.

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