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7 Ways an AI Note Taker Helps Scale Up Revenue

7 Ways an AI Note Taker Helps Scale Up Revenue

Kushal Saini Kakkar
Kushal Saini Kakkar
July 26, 2022
5 min read

Scaling up business revenue is truly an uphill climb. Often, you don’t know what workflow to follow to sell more. And when you do know, you are unaware of how to measure its impact. And then you’re back to square one. 


If you have ever found yourself in such a situation, you should stop and introspect. You’ll find that the culprit is invariably a lack of insight into your prospects and customers. 

There can be many reasons why you lack insight into your prospects/customers. 

Let’s focus our attention on one solution powered by conversation intelligence that helps you extract insights from your sales calls in real-time. We’re talking about note-takers that are fueled by artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms. These bring the power of automation and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to your sales calls.

Let’s see how an AI note-taker helps you supercharge your revenue!  

#1. Accelerate and improve sales rep onboarding

Onboarding new hires is tricky. It’s not only about finding the right sales reps, but also about retaining them. Training Industry Magazine suggests that it takes an astonishing 390 days to onboard a new sales rep and bring them to the same level as other salespeople in your team. Clearly, this process needs optimizations.



The longer your sales reps spend on onboarding, the more money it will cost your business. 

AI note-takers to the rescue!

AI note-takers help you improve your sales onboarding process and reduce the time it takes for new hires to get to speed with your sales processes. This is made possible by keeping accurate notes, summaries, and takeaways from the sales calls, which contain all the insights required to improve your onboarding process. As a sales manager, you can leverage the extraordinary abilities of your AI note taker to choose the best (and worst) call recordings out of your sales recording pool. You can then quickly create a sales playlist for your new hires to use as a guide. This will help them get an in-depth understanding of what is expected of them, and what they need to avoid, along with the proven ways to close more deals and land big clients.  

#2. Simplified training and coaching for better efficiency

Just like onboarding new sales reps, AI note-taking can help with coaching your current sales team. Your sales team is a collection of individual sales reps with specific strengths and weaknesses. It is unfair to expect all of them to be on the same page from the get-go. It is on the sales managers and team leads to understand these subjectivities and create training plans designed to help each rep perform to their best potential. However, this is easier said than done - especially in the absence of accurate customer data.

With AI note-taker apps, you get a complete overview of all the customer-rep communications. This enables you to dive deeply into the communications and find patterns, repeated occurrences, and traits that need improvement. Again, you should keep in mind that different reps will need different kinds of support, and the insights from AI note-takers will help you bucket these needs properly. 


So, if you find some reps talking more than they’re listening, you can include modules of active listening in their training. Likewise, if some reps talk robotic, they can be coached to sound more natural. These steps will eventually help you improve your training and coaching methods, directly impacting your business revenue at a large-scale. 

#3. Empowered sales reps for better call management

It’s a fact that most of the mistakes we commit are due to our ignorance. If we are aware, we are less likely to commit mistakes. The same is the case with most of your sales call mistakes.  

By deploying AI-powered interfaces like automated note-takers, sales teams get the access to a customer’s previous call transcripts and summaries. This is a goldmine of information when assisting callers - whether they are current or potential customers. Diving deeper into sales call notes gives sales reps the visibility they need into their previous communications. This data analysis is handy in helping them to focus on building rapport, while AI note-taker jots down the crucial pointers for further reference. That way, AI note-takers provide your sales teams with all the important takeaways from all of their sales conversations. 

To add to that, the tools also help reps focus on the call, and be more actively engaged to the user’s queries - than jotting down notes and worrying about capturing the correct information. This ensures that all of your sales calls are much better managed, and impacts your business revenue.

With the insights and metrics from all previous sales calls by their side, sales reps are properly armed to tackle all-new challenges while managing daily calls more seamlessly and efficiently. AI tools make this possible just by being proactive in note-taking and extracting insight from customer-rep conversations. 

#4. Better product development 

Product development is a process that always tries to keep the users at the centre. Without understanding what your users feel about your product, you will hardly be able to make any improvements or modifications.

With the use of AI note-takers, you get direct access to raw customer feedback, reviews, emotions, and sentiments. This information is directly useful for improving your product development processes and creating products that solve the problems being raised most often by your customers. It also helps in iterative product development by pointing you in the right directions and helping you make the required improvements.  

#5. Improved visibility into the sales pipeline

The sales pipeline is an important indicator of your overall business performance and is used to make forecasts. Without proper visibility into your sales pipeline, you will often struggle to make informed decisions or predictions. This is because you lack the required data. 

Conversation intelligence-enabled AI note-takers give this power back to you by equipping you with all the sales call data in the form of key pointers, notes, and call transcripts. All these tools are extremely handy in understanding your sales pipeline and how different prospects are moving across the pipeline. Needless to say, this also allows you to plan ahead of time, forecast better, and build scalable strategies as required. You receive increased revenue, better conversions, and lower churn rates! 

#6. Stronger customer relationships 

One sure-shot way of scaling up your revenue is by ensuring that your current customers are satisfied and their needs are always taken care of. It shouldn’t surprise you that satisfied customers are loyal, and loyal customers, in turn, are your best brand ambassadors. The maths is simple. You build strong relationships and focus on customer experience, and your current customers will reward you in the long run by bringing in new customers and thereby scaling up your revenue. 

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?

All you need to improve customer satisfaction is a proper insight into your customer communications to understand their feedback, reviews, emotions, and sentiments. This is difficult to do manually - but that is where conversation intelligence comes in. With AI note-takers, you get a chance to get a bird’s eye view of all of your sales calls. You get to know where your customers are coming from, what they like the most, what they dislike the most, and so much more. This information is highly valuable in building strategies to solve customer pain points and help you build stronger customer relationships. Further, by allowing your sales reps to be more present on sales calls, you open room for a lot of insightful communication without any distractions. 

#7. Transparent and efficient communication across the board

Miscommunication causes a lot of problems and when it comes to miscommunication at a department level - well, things can get pretty grim. 

Marketing teams require insights from sales teams to understand customer behavior and emotions. Likewise, product teams require inputs from marketing teams and so on. So, without proper communication, it is easy to get caught in a cobweb of confusion and harm business revenue. 

With AI systems like smart note-takers, this is completely taken care of - at least on the sales calls front. Sales teams get immediate, real-time notes and takeaways from customers while on calls. These takeaways can be easily shared across the board, ensuring complete accuracy and transparency of information. This use case helps in the long run by saving a lot of time and effort and making sure everyone is on the same page. And not to mention - it directly impacts your revenue by backing your processes with accurate data. 

Take the AI route for sales calls notes - experience revenue acceleration! 

Implementing AI note-takers gives you a complete control of your sales call note-taking and transcription, thereby helping you in many ways. One clear benefit is that it frees up a lot of your and your team’s time that you can use for important problems and new products. Additionally, these emerging technologies help you optimize, streamline and automate your processes to ensure efficiency and accuracy. All of these things have a direct positive impact on your business revenue and business models!

Let’s accelerate your revenue with Wingman!

Our conversation intelligence platform is your perfect partner to derive actionable intelligence from your sales call and business data and take your decision-making to the next level. The tool works seamlessly with your organizational big data and uses new technologies and algorithms including natural language processing to improve your business processes. Request a demo and experience the power of our AI solutions for your business!

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