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Get the Insights You Need to Get Sales Done

Get the Insights You Need to Get Sales Done

Kushal Saini Kakkar
Kushal Saini Kakkar
March 17, 2021
5 min read

Sales can be, well, something.

You need to meet quota. Make sure your team is meeting quota.

Coach your reps. Know who to coach.

Close more deals. Know which deals to focus on.

Double down on what's working. Find out what's working.

Beat your competition. But first, know who and why.


To get sales done, you need intelligence into your team, deals and competitors. So you can answer the why, who and where, know what to focus on, and swing into action.

Wingman's Team Dashboard gives you the intelligence you need, with insights into your team, deals and competitors, all in one place.

Let's show you around your oasis. Make yourself at home.


Do you know how many calls your reps made last month? How many actually connected? How’s your team doing overall?

Overview gives you a bird’s eye view of all sales calls by type (conference and dialer) with key metrics such as call duration, talk/listen ratio, and longest monologue duration. What’s more, you can quickly filter to see the number of calls that mentioned a competitor or where Wingman detected next steps, etc.

Overview of your team's calls

Deal Insights

What is actually impacting your deal won/lost rate? What can you do to boost it?

Deal Insights breaks down everything that happens in your team’s sales calls to show you the difference between deals won and lost. This helps identify patterns at a glance so you can double down on behaviors that work. So if you discover that calls where prospects had pricing concerns aren’t resulting in as many deals won, you know what to coach on.

Pssst: This feature is available on the Pro Plan, so please reach out to your account admin to upgrade your account.

Snapshot of what's impacting your deal outcomes

Competitor Insights

What does your competitor landscape look like? Which ones should you be prepared for?

Competitor Insights shows all competitor mentions on all sales calls in an interactive, droolworthy donut chart. Click on a competitor name to view a list of the associated calls and review so you can take effective action—whether that’s coaching on objection handling or creating sales enablement content focused on a specific competitor.

Snapshot of your competitor landscape

But how does Wingman know who your competitors are? 🤔

If you're an admin (and given powers to set up topics), you can specify which competitors you want to track by going to the Wingman app and going to Settings > Admin Settings > Manage Topics > Competitors.

Read this article for a complete how-to.

Team Insights

Within your sales team, who’s ahead of the pack? And who needs coaching?

Team Insights serves as a leaderboard for your sales team’s performance. It shows you each sales rep’s stats against the team average on key parameters such as talk/listen ratio, longest monologue, interactivity on call, etc. Helps you coach every one of your sales reps on exactly what they need to succeed.

Insights into your team's sales behaviors


Are your reps qualifying prospects for budget? Are they hyping up a new feature on sales calls? How are they handling objections?

Topics is where you review your sales reps’ performance and playbook adherence with both Wingman’s AI-detected topics and your custom topic categories. Remember that budget qualification topic you created? It should be up here with data telling you how often your reps ask qualifying questions on their calls. You can track as many topics in your sales calls as you need to.

Insights into what's being said on sales calls

Wondering how to add Topics?

First off, the most popular topics that we've seen most sales teams track in their sales calls are already added to your Wingman account. This means you can get started right out of the box. These topics include competition, process, budget, authority, timing, etc.

But many teams want to track topics that are more relevant to them.

Here's how you can add Topics:

If you're an admin (and given powers to set up Topics), you can do so by going to the Wingman app and going to Settings > Admin Settings > Manage Topics.

Read this article for a complete how-to.

Ready to step into your oasis of calm intelligence with Wingman? Go grab our free trial today. 🚀

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