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How Does Call Transcription Help Sales Reps?

How Does Call Transcription Help Sales Reps?

Kushal Saini Kakkar
Kushal Saini Kakkar
April 17, 2022
5 min read

One of the many advantages that digital platforms like Netflix provides us over traditional TV is, well, better content (obviously), but also the ability to rewind and fast forward to the exact scenes we want to see, thanks to bookmarks or chapters.

What if we could do that with our phone calls too? 

Sales reps often struggle with recalling all the key points their prospect mentioned because they are too busy taking notes during the call. All they wish for is a sales godmother who could help them in tricky situations like handling objections, highlight important parts and even nudge them if they are talking too much. With all that spare time, sales reps could finally sit back and build a rapport with their prospects.

But alas, seldom does that happen and sales reps are left juggling multiple balls while on a sales call. 

Imagine this: Three other sales reps join your sales call to support your efforts. While you are focusing on building rapport with your prospect, your colleagues are helping you by:

  • Making notes of the important information that you can’t afford to miss. 
  • Sharing a snapshot of competitor’s key offerings and product differentiators with you - as and when your prospect mentions them.
  • Passing you the sales scripts with the best ways to handle objections, as their finger points to just the right part of the script.

Ah, what a luxury! But this dream for a sales rep’s dream could be their SaaS organization’s nightmare – with four reps doing one rep’s job. 

*Workforce management team cries in a corner*

Goodbye, sales clutter. Hello, AI-powered call transcription.

Automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency.” – Bill Gates

You dream of a team of reps helping you out on every sales call. What if we told you that AI-powered call transcription software can make it come true? 

But first, let’s explore what it means.

Call transcription software uses conversation intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to automate the generation of call transcripts, note-taking, and  on-call assistance in real-time. 

It transcribes your pre-recorded or live sales phone calls to deliver important insights into your sales process for expediting the sales cycle, improving customer experience, and closing deals faster. Let’s deep dive into its features and benefits to discover how call transcription helps sales reps.

How call transcription boosts your sales team’s productivity

Stores all your call transcripts in a scannable form

Storing your calls has never been a tough battle to conquer; sales organizations have been storing calls for years. What’s exhausting and tricky is revisiting the exact part of the sales conversation that you want to. 

With AI-driven text transcription of audio and video calls, you can skip the endless fast-forwarding, rewinding, and looking for that particular moment you vaguely remember. Intelligent call transcripts enable you to search your desired sales dialogue in a keyword-based searching manner - helping you fast-track your path to your destination.

Facilitates a calm, chaos-free state of mind

Are we done with the goodbyes and hellos? Na-ah!

Goodbye, manual note-taking. Hello, automated sales notes!

If ‘X’ stands for the number of times you have struggled to keep up with your prospect on call while also making notes, then ‘call-transcription’ is the aircraft you sit in to fly over X as you wave it a final goodbye. 

Not only does note-taking make you lose your focus, but you also lose many chances to build a better customer relationship and come off as an active listener. Call transcription automates the note-taking process for you so that you can focus on improving your buyer journey and customer experience with a calm, chaos-free mindset.

Enables on-call live assistance to tackle tricky situations

We prepare. We rehearse. We prepare more, rehearse more. And yet there comes a time when we’re stuck. 

For years, this has been a ritual, from school examinations to job interviews. But now, the stakes are higher - a business runs on your efforts, and you need to know how to instantly pull yourself out of the snake pits you encounter on sales calls. 

With live assistance, call transcription makes it a thousand times easier for you to tackle tricky prospects and even trickier sales objections. When you need some reference to frame your response on call, your live assistant pulls out the most helpful battle cards and insights from the plethora of your sales data.

Turbocharges data-driven sales analysis 

Sales calls often become a narrative with lots of “coulda, woulda, shoulda”s that a dedicated sales rep would strive to course-correct. But sales reps make what feels like a million sales calls every day, and there’s no space in their jam-packed schedule for long sales call analysis sessions.

Call transcription software to the rescue. 

AI-based call transcription empowers sales reps and sales managers with faster sales analysis by delivering key sales insights in real-time. It enables you to assess your sales performance in your own time, in just a few clicks, by providing crucial sales insights and metrics such as:

  • Talk:listen ratio: helps you identify whether you are listening to your prospect on call as much as you should.
  • Objection handling techniques: helps salespeople learn the best techniques to tackle objections by analyzing the calls of top performers.

Opens your rep’s sales books to analyze performance 

Identify weaknesses, strengths, and gaps: 

As a sales leader, you already have enough on your plate to shadow your reps on calls or make time to listen to the long sales call recordings. But it’s important to identify your sales reps' weak points and strengths so that you can best utilize your sales rockstars and coach the reps who need to improve their game. 

Call transcription software actualizes this for you with its scannable, click-based searching process to quickly navigate your sales team’s calls and identify key performance insights.

Fuel sales coaching and training sessions: 

You can put the identified sales information to the best use by leveraging it to fuel personalized sales coaching sessions for your sales reps. By identifying the areas of improvement and growth, you can suggest suitable training courses and drive required coaching sessions.

Leverage data-driven performance analysis:

It’s that time of the year again when you have to analyze all your reps’ performance. But have you been too busy to catch up with their recent progress? Fret not. Leverage intelligent transcription in your call recording software for data-driven analysis to track crucial sales metrics in a matter of quick clicks. 

Data: the crux of the matter

Call recordings are not enough to leverage the benefits of your call transcription software; you need to feed it with updated enterprise data regularly to garner fresh insights.

How Wingman plays the role of your sales buddy

Easy app integration: Wingman enables you to integrate your up-to-date business and sales data to deliver accurate sales insights. It allows you to integrate your CRM, communication channels, dialer, and other business platforms to get data-driven insights.

Live alerts: Wingman’s call transcription software provides interactive call transcripts to facilitate your live calls and sales analysis. It raises live alerts when you’re talking too much and taking a toll on your talk:listen ratio. 

Quick onboarding: It enables you to create highly useful onboarding sales playlists for your new reps to streamline their onboarding process.

Wingman stores your call transcripts and allows you to revisit them whenever you need to; it fast-tracks your sales cycle and helps you improve your messaging, buyer journey, and customer experience. To inspire your prospects with your successful client stories, Wingman also provides you with the opportunity to share your call transcripts with them. Moreover, you can keep track of when your prospect accesses your shared transcript and pick up your phone to hit the iron while it is hot. 

To embellish your cold calls with a data-driven layer of radiant intelligence and boost your sales game and ROI, book a demo session with your Wingman today.

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