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Introducing Actions by Wingman, in your Slack

Introducing Actions by Wingman, in your Slack

Kesava Mandiga
Kesava Mandiga
September 27, 2022
5 min read

What’s the #1 sales challenge besides hearing “not interested” or getting ghosted?

You spend more than half your time not selling

‘Coz there’s too much busywork in a salesperson’s life. 

You research prospects, review accounts, take notes in meetings, update CRM after every call… shuffling from this app to that, then Slack and on and on. It all adds up rather quickly, but time runs away from you.

How the average salesperson spends their week

  • 36% connecting with prospects (virtual and in-person)
  • 25% admin tasks (review accounts, update notes in CRM)
  • 16% service tasks (research prospects, follow-up prep)
  • 10% training and internal meetings
  • 7% traveling
  • 7% downtime

No wonder you’ve got so little time for selling.

Life isn’t easy for revenue leaders either. Fragmented workflows make you run back and forth between a menagerie of sales tools. By the time you get to that revenue-critical intel, deals go AWOL. Which means iffy sales forecasts and missed quotas, which can be do-or-die in the current macro environment. 

Sales has become a juggling act. Too many balls in the air and some fall down. Sigh.

There's gotta be a better way to sell, right?

Internally, we call this Project “Drop the ball”. But for you, here are the headlines:

Introducing Actions by Wingman. 

Actions are real-time, intelligent alerts to help you act when it matters, right from your Slack. So you can stop deals from slipping away into neverland, prep for calls in a jiffy, update CRM from anywhere and never miss a follow-up again.

Stop juggling. Drop the ball. Wingman’s got you covered.

Here’s how: 

Stop revenue leak (from your couch!)

According to the world’s leading revenue science journal (nah, just me) dropped balls in sales manifest as: 

  • Missed follow-ups
  • Pricing not discussed on calls
  • Too many competitor mentions by prospects
  • Lack of decision-makers in sales conversations

So deals go silent in mysterious ways, unless you review every opportunity in your pipeline and every conversation with prospects. Obviously, you can’t do this unless something else gives. 

Enter Actions. Wingman does the heavy lifting to help you stop revenue leak.

Those dropped balls? Wingman “catches” them early. With custom “deals at risk” digests delivered to a Slack channel of your choice, you (and your sales team) know what needs attention based on reality.

Deal warnings in Slack

Missed follow-ups, radio silence from prospects, single-threaded deals, pricing not discussed, or no decision-makers on call… Wingman analyzes all sales conversations (and emails) to surface the “why” on every deal at risk, so you can act with speed to coach your reps and improve win rates.

  • Review deal activity — view last conversation and previous interactions
  • Update deal info — opportunity value, stage, close date, etc. (auto-sync to CRM)
  • Create deal rooms — collaborate with deal owners to push to the finish line

Cut the work out of sales workflows

From pre-call research to note-taking to post-call follow-ups, selling involves a lot of manual and repetitive work. Until now, that is. 

Actions help you automate pre- and post-call sales workflows, so there’s less work and more flow. Your salespeople get the right information at the right time, so they can focus on their prospect and have better sales conversations.

  • Meeting with a prospect? Get one-click access to prospect intel, recent deal activity and meeting info in a DM. 
  • Just finished a call? Get automatic meeting summaries with next steps, send pre-filled follow-up emails and update CRM (more on this below) — from Slack.
Post-call Actions in Slack

Make your forecasts more accurate

Nothing kills sales forecasts like patchy, missing or gone-bad CRM data. Yet, the most popular sales memes are those exhorting reps to update their CRM. Heck, there are even tools created just for basic CRM hygiene.

Well, what if you could update your CRM from anywhere?

With Actions in Slack, you can. 

After each sales call, Wingman now brings up an automatic meeting summary with the ability to update CRM in a click (or two). It’s customizable, so your Wingman admin can map frequently used CRM fields (like close date, opportunity stage, deal value, etc.) to suit your sales process. Updates are synced instantly, making your forecasts more accurate than ever before. 

Update CRM from Slack

Wingman Actions is a new better way to sell. Less manual, more connected and highly efficient. It’s actionable intelligence at your fingertips (literally!), so you can stop juggling and focus on what you do best: selling like nobody else.

So yeah, drop the ball. Go have fun selling. We’ve got you covered. 

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