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Life update — Wingman is now part of Clari 💙

Life update — Wingman is now part of Clari 💙

Shruti Kapoor
Shruti Kapoor
June 15, 2022
5 min read

Life update — Wingman is now part of Clari 💙

TL;DR: We merged with Clari to make revenue collaboration and governance a reality for you.

How it started

Back in 2018, we started Wingman with a mission in mind — to make the lives of sales reps better. I know this sounds a bit warm and fuzzy but it’s true. 

As a salesperson myself, I wanted to focus on selling. I didn’t want to spend my time on other stuff. 

Stuff like explaining to the product team for the 25th time why customers don’t like clicking five times to get something done.

Or attending sales pipeline review aka dodgeball meetings.

Or sharing marketing campaign feedback.

Or making sense of handwritten call notes more scrambled than your breakfast eggs. 

To put it simply, I wanted to level up.

I just didn’t know how.

When we started Wingman, we wanted to open the black box of customer calls and allow everyone to zoom in to the micro details on customer interactions. So we built the ability to record and review calls and prompt salesfolks to take the right actions — increasingly helping them take action when it mattered.

How it’s going

  • Rated 4.6/5 on G2 by our 200+ customers
  • Gartner Cool Vendor™ in conversation intelligence for B2B sales (2021)
  • Among G2's Top 50 products (2022)
  • Doubled ARR in the last six months
  • Recorded and analyzed 40 years worth of calls
  • All while building a culture that’s our hallmark — rated 4.9 on Glassdoor

It's been a sweet ride. 😇

But as we think about scaling our impact, it’s clear to us that we want to free up these insights for everyone who’s revenue-critical, from the bullpen to the boardroom. We want to give you the ability to switch between micro (every customer interaction) and macro (the entire revenue pipeline) as easily as toggling channels on television.

Why join forces with Clari?

Actually, it’s more like why not.

When I first saw Clari at Dreamforce in 2019, it was love at first sight. I was floored by what they had built and the scale of the companies they were working with, from AT&T to Zoom. And my eyes were set on allowing our customers to have that same mega view of their entire revenue pipeline, so they could achieve the predictability and precision needed to win their market.

Today, I am so excited that we can make this happen by partnering with Clari (read more from Clari CEO Andy Byrne).

With Wingman, we were trying to solve the problem of the past (call reviews) and present (actionable cues). But with Clari and Wingman coming together, sales teams can look at the past, present and the future in one place. 

Together, we are the complete solution for revenue teams. We just fit. Like peanut butter and jelly. Or contacts in a CRM.

We are so thankful to all our friends, customers, investors, advisors, and our past and current team for the journey so far! 💛

Signing off as Team Wingman. And back to building the dream as Team Wingman by Clari. 🚀

Shruti Kapoor,

Co-founder of Wingman

I had a wonderful conversation with Venkat Rangan (CTO & Co-Founder, Clari) and Patrick MacDonell (Head of Corporate Development, Clari) about this acquisition, our shared vision and our mission statement. Check it out below.

PS: Join our celebrations on social media.

PPS: Read more from Clari CEO Andy Byrne.

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