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How to Get the Most out of Wingman: 11 Best Practices

How to Get the Most out of Wingman: 11 Best Practices

Kushal Saini Kakkar
Kushal Saini Kakkar
December 16, 2022
5 min read

If Wingman was only about recordings, wouldn’t you simply use the recordings feature on Zoom? 

If Wingman was only about automated note-taking, you could just use Otter notes or other note-taking apps, right? 

If Wingman only helped you update your CRM, you’d just update your CRM… 

Wingman is all of the above with a ton more functionality. It gives you actual intelligence – not just numbers on a spreadsheet that you’ll need to spend hours poring over – but actual, crunched-down-to-something-sensible-and-actionable intelligence that positively impacts your gameplay. Wingman also makes you omnipresent to some degree. Of course, it cannot replicate your leadership skills, but it does prompt your sales reps on call just like you would. 

If you’ve read the famous Arabian Nights story, Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, you know that Ali Baba’s thieving brother Cassim got caught red-handed (thieving from the thieves) because he didn’t know how to get the most of their treasure and ended up spending too much time digging around the loot. If only he’d had a guide!

Fortunately, for you, we’ve charted out this handy guide to help you get the most out of Wingman’s many treasures (also called features). 

The Wingman guide to enhancing your sales gameplay

1. Use recordings to reduce busywork

First things first. Start by giving Wingman’s bots permission to jump onto all your calls. This is a smart move because in the stress of preparing for the call and amidst the make-or-break first few minutes, you might forget.

Use recordings to reduce the workload around selling so that you can do more actual pitching and actual selling:

  • Check out the post-call actions that Wingman delivers after a call and add them easily to your to-do list. (Just copy and paste) 
Wingman-Call transcript


  • Use the automatic pre-filled email with recipient info, the next steps discussed, and even a link to the call recordings to save time on drafting emails. A lot of salespeople abhor this part of their job anyway. 
  • Also, reduce the hours spent updating CRM by using the automatic update feature via Slack – Wingman uses data from the recording to populate all the essential fields. 

2. Use topics to improve in-call searchability 

Topics are keywords that appear during a sales call between the sales team and the prospects. These help you identify the subject of the sales call and analyze calls based on topics. Wingman comes preloaded with topics that are commonly used by sales reps across industries, like blockers, pricing, customer pains, customer goals, authority, process, and more.

The topics are customizable – Wingman understands that every business will have unique focus areas. Let's say you set up a topic for your competitor X, who is frequently mentioned in your sales calls. When you go to the topic ABC Mentions, you will see a donut chart with insights about the topic. As a result, sales reps can be prepared for objections around competitor X.

So, as your sales process evolves, ensure your reps add topics by navigating to 'Manage topics' in 'Workspace settings’. Also, you need to make the rep an admin before they can add and manage topics.

well that was easy

Moreover, Wingman has noticed that keeping tags shorter than three words or using spaces for acronyms such (K P I instead of KPI) or using words for numbers (B10 = B ten) work better. 

3. Use tags to organize calls and search for a specific type (and don’t mix up topics and tags!) 

Tags help you to locate a certain type of call among all the saved sales calls. Some tags that most of the sales leaders and reps use are training, demo, introduction, monthly sync, quick sync, review and proposal.

Wingman’s call tags will help you keep your calls organized. They filter your calls based on the tag you need to assess.

In contrast, topics, as described above, help you zero in on a particular subject within a sales call. 

Don’t forget to leave Wingman’s call transcription on, whether you want to use topics or tags.

4. Maintain and declutter your call library

Just like a diva’s closet, a call library tends to start splitting at the seams very soon without frequent decluttering. 

“Hello I’m calling from Company A, is this Company B?”

“Wrong number.”


Recording saved! 


“Hello I’m calling from Company A, is this Company B?”

“Yes, may i ask what this is about.”

“We wanted to learn about your accounting nee-”


Recording saved! 


“Hello I’m calling from Company A, is this Company B?”

“No, but you’ve given me a bee in my bonnet calling me at this time!”

“Uh, oops… apologies…I seem to have got you at the wrong time. Uh, sorry to disturb you ma’am... You uh…have a lovely day.”


Recording saved! 


All these useless recordings aren’t going to help with coaching or with anything (other than, in some cases, giving the team a much-needed laugh). They are better off discarded. 

Encourage regular decluttering. 

Is this your call library? 

Just like we use the lead qualification to remove low-potential leads, you need to filter out useless call recordings and transcriptions so that you can focus your energy on the right calls and insights. 

5. Use on-call cues to improve performance 

“Gartner research finds that B2B sales reps forget 70% of the information they learn within a week of training, and 87% will forget it within a month,” according to Gartner.

It’s not your rep’s fault. Human memory is fickle. As a result, the best way to reinforce sales training is to include it in real-time sales calls with your coach, Wingman. Wingman will stay with your sales reps, whether it’s a Zoom call or a phone call, to help them navigate through sticky situations.


You reps can also win more deals thanks to Wingman’s battle cards, which are live, contextual cues provided during the sales calls. These battle cards put relevant information at your reps’ fingertips. 

Here’s how you can maximize the benefits this feature: The market is constantly changing, and as a result, your battle cards need to be up to date. Let sales enablement and marketing teams (and maybe even the product team) access and update your battle cards. Or let them have a look and offer suggestions on how you can improve your objection handling. 

Wingman analyzes your reps’ performance on the basis of standardized metrics like talk-to-listen ratio, call duration, and deal closure. Once the analysis is complete after the call, it scores the calls. This helps you figure out which reps need personalized coaching. 

Moreover, you can create game tapes, a shared playlist with an archive of coachable moments, top performers’ sales pitches, and videos from pricing and blockers to product demos. This will help beginners to get off to a running start. No need to bring knives and guns to gunfights (also known as sales objections) — all your beginners need is Wingman.

6. Use call scores to reward your sales rockstars

Rewards elevate your team’s spirits and give them the motivation to be better at their jobs. You incentivize better performance by rewarding it. 

With the help of Wingman’s call scores, you can select your star performer of the month and reward them for their performance. You can also turn your sales arena into an apex legends season, where leaderboards promote healthy competition. This keeps your reps on their toes and motivates them to do their best. You can reward your people with something simple like an Amazon gift card, a Starbucks java chip for a week, or other gift vouchers. Or you could at least applaud them on social media.

7. Use deal central for regular sales pipeline reviews

You need to review your sales pipeline and evaluate pipeline risks based on all sales interactions.

You can use Wingman’s deal central to review all your deal activity, from call recordings to CRM data. Additionally, you can zoom in on different stages of the deal to get better insights into a close date, rep, or deal amount. 

Regular detailed analysis of your sales pipeline and deal stages will help you optimize your sales strategy. You’ll know just how well on track (or how far off track) you are to achieve your sales targets.

With Wingman’s deal central, you can take pre-emptive action. Jump into action ASAP by tagging your rep using comments.


8. Use Actions in Slack for seamless integration 

Wingman integrates with other business tools like Salesforce, CRM, Zoom, and Slack and generates an all-encompassing analysis. Additionally, by integrating tools, you avoid patchy sales forecasts by maintaining CRM hygiene.

How to maximize this feature: Integrate Wingman with Slack, where Actions in Slack does the grunt work of updating your CRM after every call and saving meeting summaries for you to reference later. 

9. Use insights to create better content and products

Get more out of Wingman by using call summaries, recordings, and transcripts to help create better marketing content.

Real-time insights in the voice of your customer also act as good market feedback for the product team. It looks less like salespeople making excuses and more like genuine feedback. Wingman is your ammo in these sticky situations. Wingman has your back.

You go ahead and wave that proof in everyone’s face. 

This information is also vital to create sales enablement content because, after all, your reps kind of have their ears to the ground. They are the link to the customer. They hear – on a daily basis – all the negative sentiments that prospects display toward your product. They hear the objections and the criticism as they try to promote your product. 

For example, if several prospects talk about how there are free versions of your SaaS solution, maybe marketing can develop a podcast around “Is your free SaaS solution really delivering value?” or something on those lines.

10. Use the observers feature to inform without spending additional time and money 

Everyone in your organization can listen to the sales team’s calls if it will help the organization be more customer-centric. Marketing and product teams, customer service, and customer success teams can all listen in on sales calls as free observers.

So can sales leaders! This means that you can achieve what we suggested in the prior point easily and cost-effectively. All you need to do is share the recording link. 

Picture this: your sales rep calls an existing customer to re-sell. The customer goes on a rant about how they witness frequent glitches in your SaaS software and gives details of how every interaction with customer service has been a terrible experience. Simply share the link to this call recording with your product head and customer service head. Never have another meeting that could have been an email (with an attached Wingman link for context, reference, proof, and details). 

Avoid this. Use Wingman’s free observers. 

11. Use Wingman’s thorough support page to maximize benefits 

Stuck with adding a topic?

Not sure what to do to get started? Aside from the Wingman tips you’ve just browsed through, Wingman has ammo to help you get the most out of it, from what we call a flight manual (which is our getting started guide) to articles on adding a topic and so on. 

Visit Wingman’s support section at: 

Get the Wingman you’ve always wanted 

Wingman is a high-octane, AI-powered conversation intelligence tool that brings ease to selling and managing a sales team. Wingman achieves this by enabling automation of some sales aspects, collaboration within the team (and with other teams), measurement of sales performance and intelligent, ready-to-use insights. 

Sales leaders who use Wingman typically run a more motivated, increasingly successful sales team. They also enjoy fully informed decision-making thanks to Wingman’s metrics, dashboards, and rep scorecards.

Organizations that use Wingman experience better team alignment (that’s right, Wingman is also a great peacekeeper). Salespeople who use Wingman are more confident and enjoy better conversion rates. 

Want to see Wingman in action? Book a demo today!

Unstoppable with Wingman!

Real-time sales coaching software that helps your team win deals with confidence

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