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Wingman IRL: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Success

Wingman IRL: Conversation Intelligence for Customer Success

Chetna Sabharwal
Chetna Sabharwal
November 18, 2022
5 min read

We really do believe that Wingman is a super useful tool for salespeople. However, they’re not the only ones who benefit immensely from conversation intelligence (CI). We see customers expanding the use case to their customer success (CS) teams all the time. 

Now on the question of how CS teams use CI, or Wingman to be precise, let’s hear from them directly. 

CS rockstars at RevBoss

RevBoss is a high growth company; they have gone from 10 employees to almost 60 in two and a half years. But as their employee count grew, the team leads had less and less visibility into the team’s customer calls. 


Imagine having 10 reps reporting to you and each of those reps getting on 3-4 customer calls every day. You can’t possibly join every call, and going through all of them later doesn’t sound like a better idea either. 

“There was a big disconnect between what was actually happening on the calls. So the reason we started to look for a tool like Wingman was to give our company and our managers visibility into these calls. Another reason was to give team leads the time to manage versus just sitting in on 30-minute call after call as the only means of having a pulse on how client relationships are going.” - Kayla McEvoy, Director of Client Operations, RevBoss

But ever since Wingman entered the scene, team leads have had visibility into 100% of customer calls! 

“Every week they’re joining fewer calls. They know they'll have any insights they need to coach and provide feedback after scanning through calls or listening to clips.” - Kayla McEvoy, Director of Client Operations, RevBoss

Apart from this, RevBoss actively uses Wingman to detect red and yellow flag language, because well, the economic uncertainty. 

“We’ve set up topics on Wingman that alert team leads about red and yellow flag language. So the team leads focus more on reviewing those calls immediately.”- Kayla McEvoy, Director of Client Operations, RevBoss

RevBoss has also really embraced the DIY side of Wingman and built out a ton of different use cases now:

  • Sharing clips with the entire team to get on the same page about messaging for new features.
  • Onboarding new hires. 
  • Handling client handoffs and client onboarding. 
  • Sharing the voice of customers with copywriters. 

CS rockstars at MarketMan

For MarketMan, it all started with a lengthy and tedious call reviewing process. Not having the ability to add comments or give feedback on the same platform that records the calls does seem difficult. You’d have to do a lot of back and forth between your CRM and your call recording software, which is what Grace Putman, Director of Customer Success - Americas, MarketMan, had to do before Wingman. 

But after Wingman…

“I just keep Wingman open on my computer and whenever I have a few minutes, I can see everyone's calls, listen to them, add comments or feedback, and tag people if needed.”
Now, Grace uses Wingman “to get ahead of any issues and provide both positive and negative feedback. It definitely saves us a lot of time by reducing friction internally among my team.”

More specifically, she uses Wingman to:

  • Evaluate her team’s performance – call scorecards help her here.
  • Onboarding new hires – MarketMan has created a huge game tapes library. 
  • Answer any questions her reps might have way quicker than she could before. 

And it’s not only Grace, her team is totally onboard with Wingman as well. They can easily refresh their knowledge and ask for feedback wherever they feel it’s necessary. 

“The most successful customer service rep at MarketMan says that she is most successful because she has access to all these calls and she can watch them easily.”

CS rockstars at Fidel API

Training new reps and getting them up to speed on deals was a major challenge for the CS team at Fidel. Answering complex questions when you’ve recently joined can definitely be a pickle. 

Wingman’s game tapes helped them overcome this problem.  

“We've created a few different game tapes folders. The snippets in one folder relate to product-specific things like individual case studies. And we have another folder called ‘voice of the customer’, which is general feedback about either our product or our service. That's been really helpful for new hire training as well as for providing continual feedback to our leadership.” - Adam Moreschi, Customer Success Manager, Fidel API

Other than training new hires, Fidel also finds Wingman useful for deal handoffs from the sales team. The CS team doesn’t have to rely on salespeople’s word of mouth anymore, they can just listen to all the call recordings. 

“Being able to watch the calls at faster speeds and jump around the transcripts is helpful too. If you're just trying to get through the core of the use case or the product market fit, being able to scroll through the topics and jump to specific mentions like integration, timelines and pricing helps my team get up to speed quickly.”- Adam Moreschi, Customer Success Manager, Fidel API

And seriously, once you start listening to calls at faster speed, there’s no going back (nobody at Wingman listens to calls at normal speed now). It’s a game changer!

That’s a wrap on Wingman for customer success. How do you plan to use Wingman for your CS team?! 

I got your back!

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