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Wingman IRL: Conversation Intelligence for Marketing Teams

Wingman IRL: Conversation Intelligence for Marketing Teams

Chetna Sabharwal
Chetna Sabharwal
December 16, 2022
5 min read

Did someone say they need better collaboration between teams?! Not to toot our own horn buuut… you should try Wingman. Yep, Wingman can not only help your customer facing teams but your marketing team as well. 

With conversation intelligence, different teams can get on the same page easily and run the revenue process more efficiently. A lot of our customers are already using Wingman for creating better content and improving collaboration. Here’s how: 

Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud’s entire team is very dependent on Wingman. With the help of call recordings, the marketing team is able to create much better content. 

“Our sales enablement folks listen in on calls so they can have a better understanding of what prospects are asking our sales team. They can accordingly enhance the enablement materials that we use and the stories that we’re telling.

The demand generation side of marketing also gets to understand the kinds of questions prospects are asking, how the sales people are answering them, the pain point of a particular client, and how we solve it.” - Erin Raese, Global SVP


Vincent Woon, CEO & Co-Founder of Holistics, loves Wingman’s free observers model because it makes sharing context with non-customer facing teams easier. 

“Wingman gives us the ability to collaborate better with other revenue-critical teams and employees. Our marketing team gets on win review calls to listen to the voice of the customers – what exactly does the customer say, how do they describe the pain points etc.” 


For folks at Harness, Wingman helps ensure that the messaging is clear throughout the entire sales process. 

“From the marketing standpoint, Wingman basically helps the team to help build assets. I mostly make it a point to share clips that might be useful for them, so they don’t have to go through the entire recording.” - Matt Weisman, Director of Strategic Operations


Competitive intel is not just important for customer facing teams, but also for marketing teams. At UXCam, marketing, or any other team for that matter, can go in and check out call recordings to get competitive intel. 

“Anyone from the marketing or product marketing team can also go in and get some competitive intel. There's a lot that you can see on competitors’ websites, but it's a whole different experience when you get it actually from a customer, someone who's used the competitor tool firsthand. So that’s really valuable for us.” - Maia Luke, Sales Development Manager


RevBoss’s copywriters now have a better time working on the messaging for clients because they can directly hear context from customers. 

“The account managers can just clip pieces of calls on Wingman so our copywriters can hear exactly what the clients say. Now there's a better connection between our copywriters and AMs. The former directly hear the context that’ll influence the messaging rather than the account manager trying to decipher it and write it in their own way. So that's been super helpful.” - Kayla McEvoy, Director of Client Operations

Given the importance we give to customer-centric messaging today, it’s only fair that we arrive at it through customers/prospects themselves. And Wingman will help your marketing team do exactly that.

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