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Wingman IRL: How Our Customers Onboard Reps 50 percent Faster

Wingman IRL: How Our Customers Onboard Reps 50 percent Faster

Chetna Sabharwal
Chetna Sabharwal
September 21, 2022
5 min read

Hiring new sales reps is like inbound marketing – you’re bound to see great results in the long run but only if you put in efforts first. #IYKYK 

But let’s be honest, if you come across a shortcut that helps you ramp up new reps faster, there’s no way you’re taking the longer route. Right? 

Well, it's your lucky day. We’re showing you exactly how to ramp up and onboard your new hires 50 percent faster with Wingman — customer style.

We’ll focus on how some of our customers today use Wingman for onboarding and training their sales reps. So, you can see some very specific use cases of our solutions/features and how to implement those practices for your team. 

Onboarding new hires, Vizion style

Vizion’s team has used their organizational skills and combined them with Wingman to onboard reps faster. The sales operations manager at Vizion created an onboarding playbook on Notion where a lot of things link back to Wingman’s game tapes folders. 

This way new reps know where to look for information, which makes the whole onboarding process more efficient. 

“If before, it took two weeks for onboarding, now (with Wingman) it's closer to one week before the sales rep is ready to get on their own calls.” - Ben Tracy, Head of Sales, Vizion

Onboarding new hires, Oktopost style

New hires, belonging to any team, need to get a hang of product positioning and how to conduct discovery calls (depending on the role), quickly. Oktopost uses Wingman’s game tapes to make this process more efficient. They create game tapes of their greatest hits and their worst moments, which are then used to onboard new team members. 

“Wingman is our go-to repository of all training and onboarding assets such as call recordings or prior training sessions.” 

Next comes training 

At Oktopost, new reps record their calls during the onboarding period, in addition to listening to specific calls. This way their managers can go back and listen to the recordings to share any feedback or highlight something specific like the behavior of the prospects. 

“Hearing the words directly from the customer rather than a salesperson is an extremely powerful add-on to the training process.” - Daniel Kushner, CEO, Oktopost

Onboarding new hires, Fidel API style

Dan, Head of Global Sales at Fidel API, has created an onboarding program for new reps using Wingman. New reps go through a process of listening to certain kinds of product discovery and technical validation calls. 

And you know what? The AEs who reviewed calls on Wingman scored higher on Fidel’s product certification than the ones who didn’t. 

According to Dan, reps who use Wingman are also able to pick up on nuances of the product better and how it solves customer problems. 

“We can always role play, but having the ability to see the actual questions different customers ask is a lot more valuable.” - Dan Plottner, Head of Global Sales, Fidel API

Onboarding new hires, Alchemy Cloud style

“Obviously every company sells a really complicated thing in the market, right? Nobody wants to say they're a frozen banana stand. So, training is obviously a core value for us.” - Zachary Woods, Director of Sales and Client Development at Alchemy.

Alchemy wants their new reps to understand not only what they sell, but also how they sell it, to whom they sell it, and why their customers ultimately buy their products. And they want to speed up this process as much as possible, which is where Wingman steps in. 

Training new hires

Alchemy has both synchronous and asynchronous learning systems in place. They have certain game tapes that are cataloged and have all the information new hires need to consume. So, there’s no back and forth between picking out recordings whenever a new member joins the team. 

Training existing reps

Apart from this, Alchemy uses Wingman for ad hoc training as well. For example, they have a game tape or a playlist comprising 75 different customer pains or customer objections. If a team member is looking to go on a customer objection diet, they can dive in there and have a listen.

Onboarding new hires, Playbook style

“Wingman has just made it so much easier for us to train and onboard our reps.” - Sal Grasso, Director of Sports Partnerships at Playbook.

The folks at Playbook record all their calls with Wingman — the good, the bad and the ugly. The managers can then go through the calls, especially for the newest reps, and leave notes (this is done with the help of our comments feature) for them to look back on.

In the end…

It all actually depends on how creative you can get with say cataloging your game tapes or setting up topics to use them as efficiently as you can. The bigger your call library, the more information you have to share with your new reps. 

So go ahead and start creating playlists of your winning sales tactics with Wingman!

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