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What we do at Alchemy Cloud

Alchemy is a comprehensive Software-as-a-Service solution for product development. It integrates point solutions like ELN, LIMS, PLM, and artificial intelligence modeling and predictions in a manner that’s proven to get products to market more easily, accurately, and much faster. As an example, one customer was able to reduce their retesting of product samples by 80%.

We’re talking about a complete platform for the organizations that make your shampoo, buildings, cars and the paint on your walls.. We help those organizations get the right data to the right people at the right time to help with their R&D, Application and Technical Services pipelines.

The main problem we solve with Wingman

First and foremost, we're using Wingman to capture relevant sales intelligence.

That goes all the way from initial prospecting via outbound phone calls all the way through to when we're fielding those final diligence-related questions from a customer. All of this is recorded in Wingman and noted for highlights, key moments and important takeaways which can (or should!) be leveraged later in the sales process. 

Another key thing that we're doing with Wingman is onboarding new team members. 

When we thought of leveling up to have an internal outbound team – a BDR team – we wanted to make sure that we're leveling up on our own. Our sales motion information capture is not just about phone call recordings; it’s about knowledge capture and transfer. And with Wingman, we can capture that knowledge and direct new reps to our game tapes or playlists of relevant topics.

How we found and chose Wingman

In the past, we were using products from another vendor which offered a cadence tool as well as a meeting recorder. Our team was very small at the time, so this product was more than sufficient for our then-current state of development. 

Then, as Alchemy grew, we were ready to level up in terms of our process on the sales opportunity management aka CRM tool. That drove us to look into what other solutions were available as we were going to move our sales ops to a platform.

We looked at other tools in the marketplace. We believe they were valuable and that they were market leaders. However, when we looked at Wingman, we just thought, ‘Wow, this UX feels so friendly, so intuitive’. It really was a no-brainer for us to go this way.

Wingman for faster onboarding

If today I hired three new BDRs, I think those people would have a 50 percent faster ramp period.

One of the key drivers being that Wingman documents what success looks like, and we can easily share that success with new reps. 

Wingman undoubtedly speeds up the process. It also creates the opportunity for us to use onboarding as a sort of a reinforcement tool and knowledge transfer tool rather than just one that checks boxes.

How we use Wingman for sales training

Training is a major benefit of Wingman and a primary use case for us. 

Obviously every company sells a really complicated thing in the market, right? Nobody wants to say they're a frozen banana stand. So, training is obviously a core value for us. It speeds the time of someone joining our organization to understand not only what we sell, but how we sell it, to whom we sell it, and why they ultimately buy it.

We use both synchronous and asynchronous learning. We have certain game tapes that are cataloged and have all the information new hires need to consume. 

And then, there are ad hoc training use cases. For example, we have a game tape or a playlist comprising 75 different customer pains or customer objections. Whenever you're looking to go on a customer objection diet, you can dive in there and have a listen.

How Wingman helped me create a feedback loop

I have a process that I use called two comments and a question.

As part of the onboarding, new hires need to go through the cataloged game tapes and they need to actually write the prompt inside of their onboarding plan. So you can't just watch the video — you have to add two highlights and at least one question.

Game tapes are like Netflix for your sales calls

This creates a really nice feedback loop where I am put on the hook as well. As I will read their comments; acknowledge, refute, provide input; and really answer their questions. One thing I love about the product is that it allows you to notify the person that you’ve tagged them on a call. So the comments don't just go there to die.

That's how we really use tools like Wingman — to reinforce education and knowledge transfer versus checking boxes.

How Wingman benefited Alchemy Cloud

I'm really proud of the infrastructure we have today. We were thinking about some of these things before Wingman. But Wingman has really served as an operational layer to make sure that the things we've thought about can be reinforced.

  • All of the information is cataloged, labeled and searchable inside of Wingman. Right from the difference between an exceptional demo of the product versus a mediocre demo of the product, to what our customers are saying about us.
  • With Wingman, we have a tool that allows us to see the difference between a get-to-know call, opportunity or success. We can really isolate and identify the things inside of the speed-date version versus the get-to-know version that help us be more successful.
  • I also think that the coaching and the reinforcement on what good customer qualification really sounds like or looks like is a killer feature.

So, would I recommend Wingman?

100 percent! I would definitely recommend Wingman to others. 

Team Wingman has done a tremendous job of really investing in their community of users, both at the aggregate level, but also at the individual account level. 

They make sure that their customers are aware of the ways in which the product can be used, beyond the two or three core use cases that those companies or individuals gravitate toward. They also ensure that their customers are offered relevant and use case specific collateral, which is super duper appreciated from our side.

I have a lens for how we are making our customers feel about our product roadmap, about our features. And I think that Wingman really sets the precedent for us to emulate that type of communication to our market segment as well!


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