Vincent Woon

CEO and Co-Founder, Holistics

Wingman gave us visibility into what was a black box

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What we do at Holistics

At Holistics, we believe that analytics should not live in silos across different teams with different skill sets and different ways used to transform/manipulate data as that has downstream effects on its usability. That’s why we connect data and business teams together and make data work for you!

We offer both experiences in the same platform: an SQL-friendly interface for data analysts and self-service experience for non-technical users.

The main problem we solve with Wingman

Before Wingman we were using Otter and Zoom. Otter didn't support Google Meet back then so we had to download the recordings from Zoom into a central repository on our Google Drive. 

The manual process was tedious – I needed to remind the team to download the recordings, upload them to Otter, and then we had to create a Notion note. On Notion, we were adding the Otter recording link, including some highlights of the transcript, and uploading a PDF of the Google Drive links.

As you can see, the entire process was very manual and restrictive. And I wanted visibility on what my team members were doing. Sometimes they’d forget to record the meetings, which was quite frustrating. Sales reviews became problematic as sales calls were a black box for me. 

This was what led me to find a solution in the conversation intelligence space. I needed a tool to make it easy for me to access call recording transcripts instead of manually doing that five-step process.

I did speak to Gong and Chorus, but they didn't allow me to start small and scale over time. I think I had to have a minimum of 300-600 employees. And since we were a small team (it was just me and a couple of other colleagues), the price model didn't make sense. 

How Holistics benefited from Wingman

Our sales process starts with a pre-call, right after which I get on a 1:1 review call with my team. The sales team then shares some challenges and objections from the prospect with me and the product team. After this, the team basically trains the reps to ask prospects to elaborate more about the problems.

With Wingman, there’s a sense of confidence that the exchange is recorded and there’s no chance of having a distorted relay if you pass a message. It’s not going to be miscommunicated in any way, especially considering that our target market is technical and the sales rep may or may not be technically sound. 

Apart from this, there are four major benefits of Wingman for us:

#1 I get visibility into what was a black box before. 

The black box was because of the admin overhead of enforcement which was why we, as a startup, couldn’t pierce into the black box. 

It was a humbling experience because I noticed that some of my sales reps were misrepresenting and giving wrong information to the prospects. That led me to work on the sales improvement schemes for three to nine months – tally them, edit them and point to the reps that they are talking about the product/service in the wrong way. 

It made me discover that there are problems that could lead to revenue leak and alerted me to the fact that the sales team was less than sufficient. 

Reviewing calls on Wingman also allows me to hear from the customer – I get a sense of their feelings and see what's working and what's not. 

#2 Wingman gives us the ability to collaborate better with other revenue-critical teams and employees.

We have lots of people who don't get on calls with prospects or customers and just want to understand what is happening. So, being able to freely share the recordings with observers without any commercial restrictions helps us a lot. The product team, for example, can compound use cases and evidence to prioritize iterations by listening to what’s actually being said about the product.

Similarly, our marketing team also gets on win review calls to listen to the voice of the customers – what exactly does the customer say, how do they describe the pain points etc. 

#3 Wingman allows for more focused 1:1s. 

I'm able to solve problems faster for my sales rep, uncover obstacles quickly and go over them with reps. In the past when reps came to me with the customer status, I would have to get on calls along with the reps to watch customer behavior – look at how they figure out the overall context from beginning to end – because the rep may or may not be experienced. 

So, Wingman gave me insights to address such issues quickly, get to the crux easily, and I think it also saved the team some time from note taking. 

#4 The ability to share a link with the customer is super amazing. 

Having the alert that lets us know whether or not the customer has viewed the recording is helpful. The customer can also share that recording with their own team, which saves us from sending them a heavy file. So special kudos to your team for thinking about this.

I think the benefit is that Wingman allows me to troubleshoot and empathize better with the customer and their objections. 

How Wingman helps us troubleshoot problems

If you think about the grand scheme of things, manual processes don't take a lot of time. It's normally the mental effort, the friction which leads people to abandon such tasks. And as a manager, you get tired and you just forget it. 

But having the call notes whenever I need to see and having the ability to troubleshoot without even talking to the rep is really helpful. I can go to my customer service reps and have them troubleshoot problems; I can get them to research what has previously been communicated so we don't miscommunicate. That to me is more valuable than saving time. I think we have a lot more creativity to save more time. The primary benefit of Wingman is that things get done and things get recorded without me enforcing it. 

So, would I recommend Wingman?

Yes! Thanks to your team for coming up with this tool. Wingman makes it really easy for the company to get a single view of the customer. Without Wingman, I’d just be waiting around for sales reps to talk to me and give me the full picture.


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