Grace Putman

Director of Customer Success - Americas, MarketMan

Wingman saves us a lot of time by reducing friction internally

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What we do at MarketMan

MarketMan helps restaurants keep costs under control and efficiently manage inventory by automating back-of-house operations. 

Our cloud-based inventory management and purchasing solution simplifies all back-of-house operations for restaurants. This includes streamlining everything from inventory to budgeting, reporting, supplier management, and budgeting.

The main problem we solve with Wingman

We use Wingman for all levels of our customer success operations. It’s used by customer service reps, trainers and customer success managers. I use Wingman to listen to all of their calls.

Before Wingman, when my team would send a daily recap of their work (since we all work remotely), I would have to go read the recap. Then I'd have to pull up the account of the call I wanted to listen to in Totango (our CRM system). I'd then find their Zoom recording, click on the Zoom recording link and type in the password. If I had any comments, I'd have to start a task in our CRM for the comments and try to write them in an order that makes sense based on the call.

So obviously, call reviewing was a pretty tedious process. 

Now I just keep Wingman open on my computer and whenever I have a few minutes, I can see everyone's calls, listen to them, add comments or feedback, and tag people if needed.

How we benefited from Wingman

Because of the way we run our operation, it's impossible for me to be in a thousand places at one time. So, Wingman helps me run some key processes with my team. The way I use Wingman definitely depends on what calls I'm listening to, because every call, or at least most of them, doesn’t necessarily follow the same flow. 

For example, for customer service calls, I really like using call scorecards because they help me evaluate my team’s performance. Customer success reps need to take care of a few things every time they are on a call. So, I listen to their calls to see if they provided a resolution or if they set the next steps.

I watch training calls for different reasons though. We have four training calls for new MarketMan clients, which are going to be the same every time. So when I watch those, I watch for two reasons: one to make sure that if there were questions, were they answered correctly? And second to create a game tape out of a good call – such as the client being responsive, and if my reps asked good questions.

Wingman is also really helpful when we are onboarding new hires. I don't have to pick and choose the recordings that I should share with them, I have a whole library of tapes already prepared for them — we have a big game tape library.

Game tapes are like Netflix for your sales calls.

Wingman for customer success managers

For my customer success managers, I'm looking to get ahead of any problems or challenges that they might face.

To give you an example, one of my CSMs was on a call with a client whose point-of-sale system doesn't integrate with MarketMan. She was trying to walk them through the different ways to make the integration happen. Now I know that she's not as familiar with API integrations — yet she gave them an option. But I know that she hasn’t been fully trained on API yet as she is just getting started as a CSM. Because of Wingman, I could step in and provide information without her having to even ask me about it. And then when a client asks questions in the future, she's armed with the knowledge that she needs. 

Wingman for MarketMan’s customer success team

I know my team really likes Wingman. If they have the down time or want to learn about something specific, they can head to the game tape library.

I can also answer any questions that my team might have without them even having to come to me or without there being a big delay in the process. They don't need to explain the whole issue. My team members sometimes also send me either snippets or a whole call and tag me on it and say, “Hey, can you watch this? Or did I answer this correctly?”. And if they explain something really well and I want to point that out or give them positive feedback, I do that as well; it's not always negative feedback. 

We have a pretty complex system that has a lot of intricacies. There are a lot of little things that the team members need to remember. So Wingman’s call recordings are a good way for everyone to make sure that the information coming across the clients is correct or can be corrected if it was said incorrectly.

So, would I recommend Wingman?

Yes, I would definitely recommend Wingman to others. I can obviously really only speak from the customer success side of things, but I would say it's extremely helpful from a management perspective. Wingman helps me to get ahead of any issues and provide both positive and negative feedback. It definitely saves us a lot of time by reducing friction internally among my team.

 From the team’s perspective, it helps members to ask questions easily and get answers easily.

The most successful customer service rep at MarketMan says that she is most successful because she has access to all these calls and she can watch them easily.

From an onboarding perspective, Wingman has definitely shortened the ramp up time. I get really great feedback from my team as well. The recent four or five people we've hired said Wingman has been their favorite part of the onboarding!


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