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We wouldn’t be able to operate without Wingman

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Ramat Gan, Israel





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What we do at Oktopost

Oktopost is a B2B social engagement suite. We provide employee advocacy, social media management, corporate and employee branding, social selling, social listening, and social analytics solutions to over 3,000 global businesses worldwide.

With Oktopost, B2B marketers can publish, measure, engage and monetize social media strategies. We’re on a mission to empower B2B marketers and help them prove their value to their companies.

The people at Oktopost — the Oktoposters — are a vibrant, hard-working, dedicated and fun bunch of B2B marketers with a 20-member customer-facing team — twelve Account Executives (AEs) and eight Customer Service Managers (CSMs).

The main problem we solve with Wingman

Our motto at Oktopost is ABL — Always Be Learning. Every conversation, from customer-facing calls to internal meetings or candidate interviews, is a learning moment. 

“The learning mentality and discipline has been built into Dave, myself and all the teams that work for us.” - Colin Day, Managing Director EMEA

As a customer-facing software company, Oktopost's AEs and CSMs are always having phone calls with the clients and with the leadership team. These sessions are learning opportunities and recording them helps share tips, tricks and “a-ha” moments with everyone else.

With Wingman, we can check in on every conversation — a discovery call, a demo, onboarding, quarterly business review (QBR) and other discussions throughout the sales cycle.

Moreover, one of our fundamental tenets as an organization is being radically transparent. Without call recordings and transcripts, a significant portion of sales and customer success is built on hearsay. We have to rely on the perceptions of our sales associates and CS reps. 

Wingman’s recordings maintain unbiased logs of all customer-facing conversations, making it possible for the senior leadership to gain insights on everything from product features to sales pitches.

We’ve got Wingman on every call that our sales and customer success teams make. Even if our reps go solo, Wingman’s always there to record those sessions.

How we found and chose Wingman

Earlier, we were using Gong as they were a great cultural fit for us in the early days. However, as the company grew, its focus shifted to enterprise clients, and we felt our requirements weren’t getting fulfilled.  

As a booming business, Oktopost needed a solution that catered to our requirements. Wingman went above and beyond to fulfill that need. No problem was too small. 

Besides a product that is our wingman on every call, that culture and work ethic is why we switched from Gong to Wingman.

How Wingman compares with Gong

“Whenever we face a problem, Wingman’s CS team reacts quickly. They’re all over it! A Wingman rep jumps into a session with us and sticks around until the problem gets resolved." - Colin Day.

How has Wingman helped the senior leadership at Oktopost

“Any chance that we get to bring Wingman into a conversation — whether it's customer-facing or internal — we get Wingman there. So, it’s a great chance for us to listen to conversations where we weren’t present, or to replay our conversations and identify rooms for improvement.” - Dave Kedzior.

Wingman’s recordings are a great way to make mental notes on fine-tuning a pitch. They also help us check in on the conversations our teams are having, compile little snippets to put together the ideal pitch call, and share “a-ha” moments with our teams right away.

Wingman is also crucial to fulfilling all of our responsibilities as senior leaders at Oktopost. Oktopost started small, but has grown rapidly — the sales team grew by 700%. As the company scaled up, the responsibilities of the senior leadership also increased. For instance, we (Dave and Colin) run the sales and customer success teams in addition to our day jobs as leaders.

“Without Wingman, it’s impossible to do our jobs — keeping up with every single development in sales and customer success, giving shoutouts or positive affirmations (or both) to the team members who need it and offering coaching tips and tricks to mentor our reps.” - Colin Day.

Besides, Wingman helps the senior management stay in the loop regarding every decision-making process. Since every call or session gets recorded, leaders can skip some sessions and catch up in future using the recordings and transcripts, without losing any context. 

How we onboard new CSM reps using Wingman

We’re regularly bringing in new team members across marketing, sales and customer success. The new hires have to get a hang of product positioning and conducting discovery calls, quickly. Wingman helps us compile a collection of our greatest hits — aka Game Tapes — and also our worst moments, which we use to onboard the new reps. 

Wingman is our go-to repository of all training and onboarding assets such as call recordings or prior training sessions

How we use Wingman for hiring

“The moment we live in makes it tough for us to have face-to-face meetings while hiring. So, Wingman comes and joins our interviews as well.” - Colin Day.

Wingman makes it possible for our leadership team to be more transparent with hiring. For example, with the recordings, it’s easier for us to critique candidates, exchange our viewpoints and consider the perspectives of everyone on the team to evaluate a candidate’s performance.

Our favorite Wingman feature 

Game Tapes is our favorite feature as it helps us put together our best conversations as reference material for the reps. We also love that Wingman lets us tag different people at particular time spans in a recording and add notes or pointers. 

Another USP of Game Tapes is creating and sharing call snippets.

“I love how you can trim down certain elements and create snippets to share with clients, prospects and reps. These snippets help reinforce something that they might have picked up on or said.” - Colin Day.

Game tapes are like Netflix for your sales calls

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It’s also incredible how we don’t have to sit through hour-long conversations and instead, just search through the call transcripts for key information and insights. 

“If you remember a little snippet of what somebody said, finding that bit in the call transcript is a breeze. And then you can timestamp it for somebody else as a reference.” - Dave Kedzior.

Improve your sales coaching with actionable feedback

Plus, you can power through calls by listening to them at 1.5X or 1.75X so that you spend the least amount of time sifting through calls.

So, would we recommend Wingman?

Without a doubt!

We recommend Wingman because it’s not just a brilliant product, but it’s supported by a professional, fast-growing team. As a result, Wingman continues to grow and add new features and functions to its portfolio almost overnight. And that’s exactly what we need as a rapidly scaling business.


Make the switch to Wingman today.