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What we do at SafelyYou

Alzheimer's disease is the 6th most common and single most expensive disease in the US. Our company SafelyYou, spun out of the UC Berkeley AI Research Lab, develops AI to reduce the frequency and impact of falls, which is the leading cause of hospitalization in Alzheimer's care. 

It’s all part of our mission to reshape dementia care, through trusted technology and expert insights. And it all adds up to a world where falls are fewer and dementia care is elevated. This is our passion, and it’s deeply personal.

The main problem we solve Wingman

I think we adopted Wingman around the time of our Series A funding. Before that, we weren’t really using a call intelligence recording tool to coach our reps and didn’t have anything to learn from. We used HubSpot’s call recording software and we had Zoom recordings before Wingman but the success we had with them was limited. 

The biggest problems we faced after getting the funding were how do we scale, coach our reps, and create an onboarding process that's scalable and repeatable?

The folks I learned from when I joined were C-suite executives. Over time, they got further removed from the inner workings of the business. We hired sales managers to fill the gaps, but we didn't have solid demos or calls that they could refer to for any sort of coaching or learning.

We needed something to refer people to, to say to them that these are the calls where someone did a really good job of objection handling and you can learn from them. That’s where Wingman came in.

Also, because we are a new company, we have some reps with a lot of sales background and some with little to none. Someone might be really well versed with the sales process and running demos and others might need more training and a little bit more support.

Having the ability to see where we can really make an impact as coaches and as managers has been really helpful. That's where we’ve really been able to bake Wingman into the sales process. 

How SafelyYou benefited from Wingman

When we started with Wingman, we were building out a lot of our training and sales process.

So it fit right in with what we were trying to do as a company. 

We use the inbound sales methodology that HubSpot uses. Our sales process centers around the three buyer journeys – awareness, consideration and decision. During the discovery call, we ask about the challenges that prospects might be facing and we’ve built out some of those topics in Wingman. We can later come back to these topics and see:

  • Which reps are doing a really good job of asking discovery questions.
  • If certain reps are asking for next steps more often than others.
  • Maybe a rep is doing a really good job of figuring out the needs of the prospect and is able to move the deal quicker because they're asking for follow-up meetings.

Wingman for onboarding sales reps faster

I built our onboarding program around having the team listen to our demos. Before when new reps joined, they were just being handed all this company material, including documents and videos. It wasn't that organized. Reps couldn’t interact on a call or leave comments, as they can on Wingman.

With Wingman, we can put calls into game tapes – for example a call where a sales rep handled a liability concern in a good way. Having such individual game tapes has been really helpful in building out our onboarding process.

We went from about 20 employees to about 80 employees over the past six months. Most of our sales reps started in December and we're still hiring. There's only so much learning someone can get done. So I really believe in enabling access to call recording intelligence, which allows managers to be able to provide feedback early on as reps are making calls.

We had three reps who were able to close their first deals with SafelyYou right during their onboarding period. So that right there was a quick win. 

Wingman for our sales operations team

We're a completely remote team. We do have an office in San Francisco, but our sales team works remote. In this scenario, trying to teach someone a software or onboard someone on a new software has its challenges.

I've gotten a lot of value out of Wingman by recording videos of myself conducting training sessions for different software.

I can record these 30-minute videos on my own time and then break them up into digestible snippets and put them in a tech stack training game tape. So, it’s not like someone has to watch a 30-minute video. Maybe someone won’t watch a longer video. But they can easily listen to smaller snippets and follow the steps to learn any new software. 

And when I send these call recordings or game tapes to the team, I can see which reps have actually watched them or commented on them.

This way, we're also more efficient because we spend less time trying to figure out solutions for problems. A recorded training video can easily solve similar queries for multiple employees at the same time.

How SafelyYou saves time with Wingman

I do believe that we are saving time with Wingman and that’s because of a couple of reasons. To begin with, a sales rep doesn't have to shadow a call with another sales member. They can listen to calls of their colleagues at a time where it might make more sense for them. They can even multitask and I think that saves time.

I also think that a lot of time is also saved because reps don't have to meet one-on-one with colleagues all the time. Again, as our team's growing, some of the more senior employees become less and less involved in the onboarding process.

Now a new sales rep can just go in and listen to the calls that they’ve had and ask questions right on the call rather than trying to grab time on their calendar. The rep can also direct the questions towards everyone on the sales team and get to know why someone did X, Y, or Z.

So, would I recommend Wingman?

Yes, definitely! I’ve already recommended Wingman to a couple of colleagues at different companies who were looking for a call intelligence tool. 

I do think there's a lot of value in Wingman and I think it really does show. 

Wingman is like your invisible support that you have with you at all times. You can refer to it for training, you're able to learn from it, and you can access it pretty easily via your phone or your computer. You get whatever support you need in real time. 

‍As the world continues to move more towards a hybrid or remote working model, I think having Wingman-like online support will become more and more important.


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