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What we do at UXCam

UXCam helps companies like Delivery Hero, Virgin Mobile, Rappi and Nando's create better app experiences by helping them make informed product decisions. Built for mobile app teams, our solution provides session replay analytics, heatmap analytics, user analytics, funnel analytics and more.

UXCam is a single source of truth for mobile app insights to fuel product-led growth.

The main problem we solve with Wingman

Before Wingman, we had very little insight into what the sales team members were doing, especially because we're mostly remote. So Wingman helped us get more insights about what was actually happening during the sales calls. 

From a manager’s point of view, Wingman has really helped us with onboarding. 

We create different folders for different scenarios on game tapes so new joinees can get a full picture of how things work at UXCam.

We also use cue cards for objection handling. They usually house all the content and reps can go in and study them prior to a call. The feature is really helpful in the beginning when it comes to understanding certain technical aspects of our product because people might not have retained all that information just yet.

How UXCam benefited from Wingman

We use Wingman entirely for all of our call recordings. Our typical sales process for a deal starts with SDRs doing the first call. We do the discovery qualification call either through Zoom or it’s a direct dial through our CRM (Hubspot). We can record both types of calls via Wingman so that is super helpful. 

We use the recording itself in a couple of different ways:

  • To get the qualification discovery information
  • To simply be able to reference the calls 

If due to any reason, you're going to follow up with the prospect after a time period of three or four months, you can actually re-listen to the conversation and understand if the prospect was particularly open or friendly. 

The recording is also especially helpful when we hand over the deal to AEs. 

We always make sure to include the relevant call recordings for a deal whenever the handover happens. We do take notes, but having that call recording adds context and also gives the AE an indication of what type of personality the prospect has.

And it’s the same when the prospect becomes a customer and the deal is handed over to the customer success team. They review a lot of older call recordings to get a clear picture. 

How we use Wingman for training and coaching

When it comes to looking at team performance and individual performance, Wingman has helped a lot. We were only using Zoom for recording calls before Wingman and I think people can be quite selective about which calls they record and upload on Google Drive for a manager to see. 

But Wingman captures everything. So, we can see the good, the bad, the ugly. It’s easier for me to see specific areas where a rep might need some upskilling or training.

When I work on the individual training and coaching with the reps, I try to focus on maybe one or two areas each week to coach on – for example, how to handle a specific question around pricing. 

So, when I actually go in and review the calls prior to the coaching session, I can search specifically for keywords around pricing and skip 20 minutes worth of conversation to really focus on the area that I want to train on. I listen to recordings normally at 1.5x or 2x speed.

Wingman for Product and User Research teams

Wingman has been really instrumental for the product and user research teams as well. Whenever there’s a new feature in beta, we test it out during discovery calls or during demos to see what the prospect's initial reactions are. This helps us to collect some feedback for the product team. 

Same goes for the user research team. They go in and check the call recordings for feedback if they're looking to optimize a new feature or make any iterations to any features. 

The user research team also uses Wingman for competitive research – we tag certain competitor names on relevant calls for the team to check out. 

Anyone from the marketing or product marketing team can also go in and get some competitive intel. There's a lot that you can see on competitors’ websites, but it's a whole different experience when you get it actually from a customer, someone who's used the competitor tool firsthand. So that’s really valuable for us.

So, would I recommend Wingman?

Yeah, absolutely! I'm pretty sure I already have. Wingman has definitely been a game changer for us and we consider it an essential tool. 

I would describe Wingman as a call recording and intelligence tool that primarily helps us better understand our customers. It is helpful throughout the sales process and makes onboarding and training more efficient.


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