Ben Tracy

Head of Sales at Vizion

Wingman accelerates our culture of transparency and collaboration

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What we do at Vizion

At Vizion API, we automatically push the most complete, standardized and detailed container tracking events to any software system or spreadsheet so shippers and beneficial cargo owners can achieve end-to-end visibility into the freight that drives their business.

By providing instant access to this information, Vizion API empowers forward-thinking companies to create more powerful and nimble solutions, delivering greater supply chain visibility and control for their stakeholders without and within.

The main problem we solve with Wingman

When I joined Vizion initially to build out the sales organization, I knew that we were going to be completely remote. Even today, almost a year later, we have 14 sales reps in 4 countries and we continue our plans to move globally. 

We wanted to expand effectively and also offer a transparent culture of learning and sharing information about what goes on here, both internally and externally.

The key idea behind getting a platform like Wingman was to have a stored repository of all sales conversations and customer conversations.

Wingman is an important part of how that culture has developed over time. 

It’s an important part of how we have our new sales manager help and coach individual sellers. Now we've also moved to understanding competitive intelligence and feature requests, and how those are mentioned in our calls. So, the use cases have really grown beyond what I initially subscribed for.

How Vizion benefited from Wingman

Prior to Wingman, it was just our CEO really using a very early prototype version of our product and trying to sell it on his own.

My first focus when I joined was capturing data about why we win deals and why we lose deals. We wanted to capture what's been said on the calls so we can build that into the function of our CRM and build out our ideal customer profile.

We wanted to build out the sales process that we follow today – the before scenario and the after scenario. Wingman has been pretty instrumental in doing this.

For us, it's really value-based selling to understand a company's needs as it pertains to supply chain visibility, specifically tracking portion containers.

Here’s what our sales process looks like:

  1. During the very first conversation, which we call the awareness phase, we conduct a discovery call to understand the before scenario with the customer – what the negative consequences of that before scenario are. 
  2. Then we move on to the after scenario – what they're trying to get to with our solution and what the positive business outcomes of that after scenario would be.
  3. And if we can map that out, we move to a business phase, which can then proceed to an actual demo call. 

For us, Wingman is a really effective way of identifying and understanding the before and after scenarios of our prospects. 

Wingman for fostering a transparent culture

We have a scheduled meeting, about once every two weeks, called team film review. We use this session to open up some of our saved calls from game tapes and review specific calls where we have 15 people on the line. 

We play one person's little moments for everyone to listen to and really dissect and have a live conversation about it. 

I think such an activity is just as important as organizing the folders and sending the members of my team to go listen to it on their own. I also want to hear their response on a call itself, so we do this activity every two weeks just to make things interactive. 

I think it really helps with the culture – being able to get everyone together and getting honest about what didn’t go well during a call or celebrating a specific part of the call that went really well.

The end benefit of such an activity is that we're all getting better as sellers. The culture of transparency, reflection and collaboration is really accelerated.

How we use Wingman for faster onboarding

Because we are much more organized, it's easier for a sales rep, especially a newer one who's in the onboarding phase, to know where to look for information. It ensures that the onboarding of a new hire or rep is much more efficient.

I was sending the new AEs we hired to Wingman even before we started using game tapes more heavily, but it wasn’t as organized. 

It was after I hired a sales operations manager who created game tape folders in Wingman that the adoption of game tapes really increased. She created a whole onboarding playbook on Notion and many of the things on Notion directly link to a folder in Wingman. I think that that's definitely shortened the onboarding time. If before, it took two weeks for onboarding, now it's closer to one week before the sales rep is ready to get on their own calls.

So, would I recommend Wingman?

Oh, absolutely! I think there are probably at least four or five customers that you folks might have gotten because they see us using Wingman and they go “I'm going to sign up”.

To me, Wingman is the essential library of all our calls and customer communication.

What's also important is that Wingman is very easy to use and access. It’s one thing to have the recording function work and to have calls available on the platform. But I think the actual user experience for myself, my sales managers, for my CEO and for all of our new sales hires is just as important.

And I'll be honest, I've never done a training session on Wingman. I've never had to. I just give reps the log in access and it's very obvious to everyone how to use Wingman right away.

I would say the vast majority of their first two weeks in the company is spent on the Wingman platform. They use it to onboard themselves with company training calls to understand how our sales process works.

It just works!


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