Aryeh Samet Canter


Director of Sales Operations, Ayyeka

Wingman allows us to be more present during meetings.

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What we do at Ayyeka

Ayyeka started in a garage with a small group of engineers driven by a passion for making critical infrastructure smarter and more efficient. We’ve quickly grown into a leading provider of IoT solutions, with deployments in some of the most challenging environments on earth. Our quest is to build a better world by harnessing the power of data. 

The main problem we solve with Wingman

We first started looking for call recording services as part of our efforts to build our SDR team. We were doing a lot of cold calling and wanted to do a better job at managing the team of SDRs responsible for cold calling. The use case was less around recording because we had native recording options in HubSpot, our CRM. What we were really interested in was transcription services to ease the management process. Transcribed calls obviously make searching for anything really easy. So originally it was to manage and to help coach the sales team.

With Wingman, each rep would identify three to five calls and tag particular parts that they wanted help with. And we could easily pull up the sections of the calls that they wanted to discuss.

Today, we don't use Wingman for the original purpose we purchased it for. We still love Wingman and we use it regularly to record our calls. Account management and customer success teams record all of their calls on Wingman. 

All of my calls, which are sort of like next stage sales calls, are recorded. I use it essentially as a notetaker so I don't have to worry about ever taking notes and I can just be present in the meeting. I can then also tag relevant colleagues and say, “Hey, wasn't a 1:15 in this is a question that came up or this would be interesting to you”. 

Ariel Stern, our CEO, takes screenshots of transcripts of calls and posts on his LinkedIn to discuss the nature of our industry and what we're hearing on calls.

From the sales team’s perspective, everything they do is recorded. In case we hear any complaints or something doesn't go well, we have everything recorded. Also, if the customer mentions a particular software or use case that we need to go back and discuss, we can easily pull up the recorded call on Wingman. So, we're probably using the transcriptions less now and the call recording feature more. 

How Ayyeka benefited from Wingman

We're a B2G (business to government) company, so we sell to the government. New customer acquisition happens through various means:

  • We respond to RFPs (request for proposals)
  • We do cold outreach
  • We still have a guy who goes on tours and knocks on people's doors
  • We build off relationships and ask for references from existing customers
  • We also read about people in the news and call 

Any meeting we have with any external client is recorded on Wingman. Everybody on the account management team and customer support team have recording licenses on Wingman so everything is being documented.

Some key benefits of Wingman for Ayyeka:

#1 Increased transparency

Every now and then, the management does peek in to see how things are going on the support side, the account management side, with new customers etc. Our CEO also regularly listens to the calls I have and gives recommendations about things – “Oh, I heard him mention this, maybe you should say that”. 

#2 Time saved

With regard to cold calling (when we were doing a lot of cold calling), it probably took my guys an hour and a half to prepare for our weekly coaching sessions before Wingman. Whereas after, it probably took about 15 minutes. So that saved a lot of time there. In terms of follow-ups post meetings, Wingman’s not saving time per se, but helping us to be more focused. 

#3 R&D feedback

The ability to share calls and tag people on call recordings really comes in handy for us. And we probably could have done this through Game Tapes, but we have an Excel spreadsheet of all the shared calls where new technology is demoed so that the R&D team can hear what the customers are saying about the new technology to incorporate their feedback.

Wingman for onboarding reps

When we were onboarding new people, we used to send them to Wingman to listen to certain calls. We have a whole library of calls and we were creating Game Tapes of all the calls where a meeting was booked and where the prospect asked for a follow up. When we onboard new people again, we will definitely use Wingman’s call recordings.

We're also building a very good library of know-how on the customer support side. At some point, we're going to go through it and organize it and build a library to train new people. 

So, would I recommend Wingman?

I would definitely highly recommend Wingman! I think it's a good tool, the transcriptions work and it’s super straightforward. I pretty much have never had trouble with the bot joining my calls. Wingman basically does what it needs to do at a pretty good price.


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