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Introducing Deal Central for Powerful Sales Pipeline Visibility

Get a crystal clear view of your sales pipeline with Wingman's all-star Deal Central. Review, scan and manage all interactions around your deals in one single place. Keep your sales pipeline healthy and active.

Sales in the Time of Covid

Selling during a pandemic can be difficult, to say the least. They key lies in listening to your customers and understanding what matters to them. We crunched our call data to get you the insights you need to become relevant to your prospects.

Sales Pipeline Visibility: Still Flying Blind?

One of the biggest challenges of sales managers is not being able to see their sales pipeline and numbers clearly. Learn how you can overcome this challenge, predict like a pro, and hit your numbers every time.

Why our customers love us

Monitoring a sales rep’s calls on the CRM was very manual and cumbersome earlier. Wingman has made my life very easy. I am able to listen to the right calls for review (4X sales calls in the same time period) and able to provide and validate feedback to the team. I was also able to check for knowledge gaps in the sales calls. This was key in developing personalized training plans.

Sales Enablement

Nathan Philip

"Wingman has helped me uncover inconsistencies in our sales pitches. We have created a sales manual where common questions and processes such as “company intro” are properly documented to bring more consistency into sales call. I also plan to incorporate the insights into our sales KRA where we can emphasize quantifiable metrics that we get from wingman. Using wingman we have doubled our win rates within 2 months, we love it!”

Founder & MD

Mukul Gupta

The best thing about Wingman is that it allows me to coach my team at scale.  With 4 SDRs and 6 AEs, it's impossible to sit with them individually. Wingman let's me carve out time each week to listen to calls at high speed, make comments, and then an email automatically gets sent to the rep with those comments and a link back to the call. As we continue to grow and add reps, it's been a lifesaver.

VP of Sales

David Schoenfeld