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Learn everything about AI note taking and its role in sales enablement and productivity
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What is automated note taking?

Automated note taking lets you jot down meeting notes in text format.

AI-powered note takers transcribe sales calls automatically to capture the complete context in the form of editable text files.

How does automated note taking for sales work?

AI note taking tools record video sales calls and run them through an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) system in real-time to identify speakers. Then they convert the speech into text to generate the call transcript.

Modern AI-powered conversation intelligence tools go a step further by passing the call transcript through Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms for contextual analysis.

As a result, sales meetings are recorded, transcribed and analyzed as they happen.

In the case of dialers, the note taking tool analyzes the call recording and processes it after the call has ended. That’s because most dialer apps record calls by default.

Are automatic meeting notes fully accurate?

Long-form transcriptions aren’t always accurate because of:

  1. Homophones, homographs and homonyms
  2. Crosstalk aka overlapping dialogue
  3. Audio quality and background noise
  4. Acronyms and industry-specific jargon

AI note taking tools aren’t smart enough to account for the above variables yet.

However, a powerful conversation intelligence tool like Wingman powered by ML algorithms and NLP (natural language processing) can provide up to 85.25% accuracy.

You can further improve the note taking quality by enhancing the audio quality of your calls and avoiding cross-talk as much as possible.

Why should you use an AI note taker?

Manually taking notes during sales calls can be distracting and incomplete, as the sales rep might fail to document important call insights. In addition to being error-prone, manual note-taking distracts the rep from the primary task — closing a deal. Incomplete, error-prone notes with missing context make it harder to figure out the contents of sales calls and the performance of sales reps. Also, customer conversations that sales teams have are great resources for other teams, such as product and marketing. That’s why you should use an auto note taker because you can:

  1. Capture complete context without bias or missing information
  2. Share the notes with other teams to get valuable insights and make data-driven decisions
  3. Help sales reps focus on the conversation, without having to worry about jotting down meeting minutes or summaries

How to choose an AI sales assistant software for your sales team

The first step is to identify the types of meetings and calls you have and map the ones that must be documented. Establishing the purpose and roadmap makes it easier to set up and manage an AI note taking tool.

The next step is to explore the core capabilities to see if they match your requirements. Most meeting note taker apps create call transcripts. However, that’s not always enough.

G2 highlights four key features of solid note-taking tools. They should:

Create editable, text-based documents

Allow users to create and store multiple notes

Support note sharing

Integrate with internal communications tools (video conferencing, dialers, etc.) and calendars

Besides these, an ideal note taking tool should use a combination of multiple third-party ASR systems and powerful NLP algorithms to improve transcription accuracy.

See how automated note taking improves sales performance and productivity

Go beyond simple note taking tools and try Wingman. Review deals, enable async coaching in real-time and identify opportunities you’ve been missing.

What’s next?

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