B2C, or Business to Consumer, is the cooler, hipper brother of B2B. Why, because unlike B2B, it’s not all business (Get it? Cuz B2B has the word “business” tw…you know what? Forget about it, it’s a really stupid joke). 

Seriously, please forget about it

Basically B2C is a transactional relationship between a business and a consumer. It’s usually quick, with only a single decision maker, and the value of a single transaction being quite low (except in rare cases, like automobiles and real estate. And private yachts. You get the drift). Because of that, a B2C brand depends far more on sales volume than a B2B brand. 

This naturally means that in B2C sales, salespeople don’t have the time or luxury to build relationships. Focus is far more on turning on the charm to get the sale right now, or move on to the next potential buyer. If you have a six-month old membership to a gym you have rarely visited, you know they have great salespeople.

These two, maybe?
TL:DR -Business to Consumer is when you go to the store to buy a toothpaste. Or chocolates. Unless you are buying toothpaste or chocolates in bulk for a chain of hotels or something. Then it’s B2B. Look, it’s a little fuzzy at the edges, ok.