Go from sales manager to sales superhero with Wingman

Sounds like a lofty claim right? Don’t blame you. Too many tools, too many claims. Read on to understand why sales managers everywhere trust Wingman to meet their goals with confidence.

Being a sales manager is a tough gig.

You have to identify great talent. Mentor and coach your players to greatness.

Be ready to scale up in a heartbeat. Know how to beat your competition six ways from Sunday.

All while posting great revenue numbers quarter after quarter in a market where nothing is predictable. Red Bull anyone? :)

The best sales managers know how to stay in control.

Create a predictable revenue generating machine with Wingman, no matter how choppy the waters. Replicate winning pitches and players across your team and give your reps the power of real-time sales cues and coaching.

Wait, that deal’s not closing this month?

Crystal‑clear visibility into your sales pipeline.

Get a 360-degree view of your sales pipeline with intelligence from your email, CRM and your notes in one place. Proactively identify at-risk deals and steer them towards success. Make every lead count.
Would recommend Wingman if you are looking to get deal intelligence and are trying to figure out where certain deals are lost or won. If you are looking to coach your sales team in this process, Wingman is the product for you.
David S
Appreciation Financial

How can we hit our numbers month on month?

Double down on what’s working.

Spot winning sales behaviors and correlations between variables like cold call openings or objection handling and the final outcome of a deal. Drive consistency in messaging and behavior across your team.
We're a smaller, but growing sales team. Wingman has given us visibility into all of our processes, how they and the reps are performing, and have quickly allowed us to use the actionable data provided to iterate on sales and marketing strategy.
Damian Matheson
Director of Partner Development,

We’re expanding and it’s tough to onboard new hires quickly.

Faster onboarding by 50 percent.

Have your reps hit the ground running without taking them (and yourself) out of the game. Share the best examples of customer interactions, cold calls and winning sales tactics via a library of game tapes.
We used to spend at least 5-8 days on training and onboarding a new rep. With Wingman, we’ve been able to cut this by 50%. It’s made all the difference.
Salvatore Grasso
Account Executive,
Call Playbook

I just don't have all the time in the world to coach.

Real-time sales coaching that’s always on.

Help your reps navigate tricky situations on calls with Wingman’s live cues and coaching, without being on every call. From monologue alerts and bookmarks to cue cards with pitch points, we’ve got your back.
Great learning and management tool for SDR/AEs. I have 12 employees who sell over the phone everyday. Wingman has helped me take back control of call coaching, controlling consistent messaging and more.
Elliot P.
Head of Inside Sales,

Asynchronous coaching that’s always on

Accurate sales forecasting

One source of truth for your team

Ready to be
a sales superhero?