Go from sales rep to rockstar with Wingman

Wingman helps you go from first call to close with confidence. It gets you the insights and coaching you need to close more deals and hit quota, faster than ever.

Selling is hard.

Prospecting, qualifying, demos, follow-ups, pipeline reviews, coaching... You’ve got too much to do, too little time and a little help would be nice.

Good thing you got a wingman. ;)

Your co-pilot to get sales done.

Besides automatically recording and transcribing your sales meetings and demos, Wingman uses fancy-schmancy AI to analyze sales conversations. So you get the insights you need to improve your sales pitch, follow-up with confidence, close more deals and level up to a sales superstar!

Umm, sorry could you repeat that?

Better sales meetings.
Better follow-ups.

Forget the notes. Wingman automatically records, transcribes and analyzes your sales meetings, so you can focus on the conversation. Call prep is easier too, with automatic highlights and next steps from previous interactions, so you can follow-up like nobody else.
I like the ability to quickly reference call notes. I like not having to take notes during my call and instead just referring back to review my calls on my own time.
Carson H
Business Development,
Development AI

Give me a second. Let me check.

Move conversations forward with real-time cues

Easily navigate tricky situations like competitor comparisons or pricing pow-wows with Wingman’s contextual and customizable cues. From discreet cue cards with pitch points to monologue alerts (you know why!), we’ve got your back.
Wingman allows me to better my sales calls and make them more engaging and effective. I love the cue cards, and the talk ratio.
Tom S
Director of Sales Enablement,
Milestone Inc

Is there a better way to handle this objection?

Get feedback on what matters

Even the best need timely coaching. Share call recordings and tag your manager to pinpoint where you need assistance and get actionable feedback that helps close deals.
The ability to break down different parts of a call by each participant and provide instant feedback to others is a game changer in both sales coaching and personal development.
Jeremiah F
Business Development Manager,
Xio Inc.

What needs immediate attention?

Focus on deals that matter

Review your pipeline faster with saved filters and custom warnings to automatically highlight high-confidence and at-risk deals respectively. Get deal alerts directly in your inbox and/or Slack so you can take action without delays.
Would recommend Wingman if you are looking to get deal intelligence and are trying to figure out where certain deals are lost or won.
David P
Appreciation Financial

How can I sell better?

Level up your sales game

Benchmark yourself on call metrics that lead to deals won such as talk/listen ratio and interactivity. Learn, adopt and iterate on winning sales tactics rapidly with full access to sales calls by fellow reps (and your own).
True to its name, Wingman has empowered the sales team at Chargebee to adapt, coach and share tribal knowledge easily.
Abhilash M.
Enterprise Sales Executive,

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Asynchronous coaching that’s always on

Faster, more effective pipeline reviews

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