Wingman vs Chorus:
The real-time advantage.

When it comes to conversation intelligence, real-time always beats “see ya later”. Which is why Wingman provides help to your sales warriors when they need it the most – on-the-call. But is that all the difference there is between Wingman and a chorus of imitators? Glad you asked!

It’s all about revenue, champ!

I mean, why else are you on the grind, day after day, honing your skills and working on the deals?

You know that when revenue goes up, so does everything else, including bonuses, budgets and the quality of hotels at the sales offsite.

Well, Wingman has been designed from the ground-up to ensure you wring the last bit of revenue out of your existing opportunities.

You’d be amazed at how much that is.

Research from Clari suggests companies lose as much as 15% revenue to leak. And leaks happen when revenue-critical employees (like sales folks) drop the ball.

Isn’t it time you had a safety net?

Real-time battlecards
(for real-time battles)

What good is a Wingman after you’ve already been shot down? None. So this Wingman is there with you on the call, providing real-time alerts like monologue alerts (for when you might have been going on a little too long), as well as context-sensitive battlecards.

This ensures you are never scrambling for answers when faced with particularly tough questions. Because you can never un-lose a deal you lost in a call.

Slack Actions, so you can afford to drop the ball

Sales can be crazy sometimes, and you’re almost always juggling responsibilities. Deals that need follow ups, team members that need coaching, pre-call checklists, at risk deals - phew! Miss any one of them and you can almost hear the faint drip drip dripping of revenue leaking away.

With Slack Actions, Wingman’s there to remind you, alert you and prep you, right where you need it the most - your Slack. All your checklists, deal warnings, follow-up reminders and more right where you work.

Also, you won’t just get alerts, you’ll get actionable alerts. Which means you can send follow-up emails and even update your CRM from your Slack dashboard. A more frictionless experience means better and more frequent CRM updates, which in turn means more accurate forecasting. Nice! Oh, and speaking of nice..

Wingman plays nice with others

When you already have a carefully built tech stack, adding new tools can be a headache. Fortunately, Wingman plays really well with others. Out-of-the-box integration for Salesforce, Hubspot, Zoom, Slack, Google Calendar, Outlook and pretty much all other leading tools means you won’t have to rip or replace anything (except maybe your existing, underperforming CI tool).

For the rest, Wingman is strictly plug and play.

An interface that gets to the point

Sometimes, revenue leak is the time you lose on unproductive actions. Things like navigating a maze of menus, dropdowns and hunt-the-pixel links on poorly designed dashboards. The fact is, sometimes you just need an overview, and sometimes you need to dig deep, and never ever ever do you want to click more than necessary to get to where you want to be.

So we designed Wingman to be clean, easy and direct. No more messing around wondering what goes where. The home screen gives you an immediate, birds-eye view of your entire sales process. If something needs your attention, Wingman draws your attention to it immediately. Want to see all the data in granular detail? It’s just a couple of clicks away. No muss, no fuss, just intuitive navigation.

The price is right!

What good is a tool that costs you more than it makes for you? We understand how important ROI is to you (especially if you are an SMB), so Wingman is priced to be affordable, with multiple flexible tiers of pricing. Want to purchase a single seat? Sure, go ahead! No matter which plan you choose, you get features like access to the mobile app, free observers and unlimited calls and meetings.

Oh, and did we mention that our pricing is totally transparent? No hidden fees, no platform charges, no nasty surprises. Just a good deal.

Deal alerts make you a superhero

Think of deal alerts as your own personal Bat Signal. Only, instead of a giant bat in the night sky (not really useful for the daytime sales folks), it’s an impossible-to-miss message on your Wingman dashboard.

The deal alerts feature will warn you if there hasn’t been any movement on a specific deal for too long, or if pricing has not been discussed at all, or if there is no decision maker involved yet. Wingman will tell you what’s wrong, so you can zoom in and save the day! Like we said earlier, you can’t un-lose a deal, so call this a lifesaver (or a deal-saver).

Wingman syncs seamlessly with all the apps you love

From revenue leak to revenue precision

In a tough economic environment, companies can easily face death by a thousand cuts.

That’s the most insidious thing about revenue leak, it’s never usually one big thing. Usually, it’s a thousand cracks on the revenue pipeline, each contributing to a big problem.

Oh, and of course the sales team is at the foxrefront of the fight for revenue. So isn’t it time for you to take a good, hard look at your pipeline and see if you could do better? Honestly, we think you can.

Let’s talk.