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Are We There Yet A.K.A Closing Signals

Are We There Yet A.K.A Closing Signals

Anirban Banerjee
Anirban Banerjee
August 12, 2022
5 min read

This article is part of the Sales Secrets Uncovered series where we share key learnings from our analysis of 211k+ sales calls spread over 3.8 million minutes and 12 months. Why? To uncover the stats that will help you sell better in 2022 and beyond!

This article is from the desk of our Senior Content Specialist, Anirban.

PS: Use this data responsibly. Correlation is ≠ causation. 😇

“I just want to get closer than close to you” sang the Bee Gees, and so do a million sales folks every day to their prospects.

Silently, of course, we don’t want things to get weird!

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But yeah, when a prospect finally indicates they are ready to close, it’s amazing.

These “indications” are closing signals, and today, we take a quick data-filled tour through them - how often they happen, what these signals are, and what they mean.

So, closing signals are words and phrases that indicate that the prospect is ready to sign on. Stuff like the following.

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And as you can imagine, they do pop up quite frequently. According to our data, one out of three deals have some sort of closing signals from prospects

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So that means about a third of all deals we tracked were closed won, right? The only thing left is to pop the cork and pour the bubbly?

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Yeeah, not so much.

While closing signals do indicate a significant increase in win rate and decrease in loss rate, it’s nowhere close to 100 percent.

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This means, even after the prospect has expressly agreed to the deal, things might go wrong.

So the time to relax and celebrate is not after you get the closing signal.

Continued follow ups, check-ins and great service is still critical to a successful deal.

Otherwise you just might have to sing a very different song.

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And that’s it for this issue of Sales Secrets Uncovered with Wingman. Catch you next week!

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