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How Sales and Marketing Teams Benefit From Sales Call Recording Software

How Sales and Marketing Teams Benefit From Sales Call Recording Software

Anirban Banerjee
Anirban Banerjee
March 28, 2022
5 min read

"An underground chamber in which a guided missile is kept ready for firing" - Google Dictionary. 

A Silo. 

Even though they are said to work hand-in-hand, too often, the sales and marketing teams spend a large part of their workday in silos – operating independently and avoiding knowledge-share with each other.

The result? 

The sales team blames the marketing team for stale leads, generic or misleading messaging, and the like. On the other hand, the marketing team has a blind spot for real (and raw) customer insight.

So how do we bring these teams on the same page? How can we turn this "field of silos" into a field of dreams?

When pro athletes and their coaching teams want to fine-tune their performance and strategize for the next big league, they watch their game tapes to assess their previous performance.

What would happen if your sales and marketing teams used game tapes to improve their win rates and get unfiltered customer insights? A sales call recording could be the ultimate game tape that can be deployed in all aspects of your business, from sales to marketing.

From conducting sales training to boosting marketing efforts, sales recording transcriptions can be an asset for maximizing profit and eventually, increasing customer satisfaction.

Sales teams can capture essential data and insight to strategize for their subsequent customer calls, improve their pitch, and gather structured feedback about the overall experience. Past customer conversations can help them dive into common customer pain points and align their scripts with the voice of the customer.

A potential prospect's voice and insights should come alive on all the marketing assets and marketing campaigns. We are talking billboards, commercials, newsletters, drip campaigns, social media content, blogs, and even podcasts.

Investing in a good sales call recording software with artificial intelligence can make both the teams far more efficient and boost your ROI - from improved win rates, higher contact values and better sellers.

The blame game is on.

In this article, we'll explore what are the benefits of call recordings and how your sales and marketing teams can make the most from recorded customer conversations. 

Let's jump right in, shall we?

AI-driven sales call recordings to benefit your sales and marketing teams:

Curiously enough, sales call recording software can benefit every member in your sales and marketing teams. Let’s find out how.

Sales team: learn, replay, learn some more

Self-learn by killing that replay button

To make things more efficient.

How well do you remember your previous sales calls? Wait - not just the call you took a few minutes ago. I am talking about all the calls you made in the past few weeks. Because to analyze your sales skills, you need to go back to your previous calls to analyze how you converse with your prospects and find answers to these questions:

  • Did I listen to my prospect, or was I too high on delivering my own pitch at one point?
  • Was this the best way to tackle sales objections? Or could there be a better approach?
  • What are my weaknesses? Do I need sales training or coaching to improve my game?

With sales call recording software, you can hit the replay button as many times you want. You can bookmark a specific time duration and replay it whenever you need and analyze important sales metrics such as your talk to listen ratio, or your average call duration to benchmark against pre-specified metrics. With all these insights into your calls, you can get a succinct view of your area of improvement.

Learn from the top sales players

Although talent isn’t something to acquire, it isn’t the only ingredient in the recipe to win deals. The top sales performers at your firm could be really talented, but they also must be using a proven formula to close deals at high velocity.

And let the magic happen.

You can listen to their phone calls on your sales call recording software  to adopt their winning strategy. If you can’t tackle an objection, use the keywords to search for that part of the conversation with real-time transcription, an intelligent call recording feature. This way, you can fine-tune your pitch and learn how to pull the strings on a call - from the best in the team!

Capture missed info

Do not play blind. I repeat, do not play blind. Find what your prospect said that went under the radar and affected your sales call. In the attempt to frame your next reply, some things that your prospect says can go unnoticed. Thanks to sales call recordings - you can capture those later and refine your sales pitch for the next call.

Sales managers: who wants the best manager award?

Asynchronous coaching 

How many times have two (or more) meetings clashed on your calendar? Couldn’t keep a count? So we assumed. As a sales manager, you have a lot to do. And we understand that you cannot listen in to more than a couple of outbound calls a day. Heck, even that isn’t possible sometimes.

You have to coach all your reps, your goal is to have them closing more and more deals. Sales coaching software solves just the problem by allowing you to listen to the sales conversations in your own time.

Moreover, it transcribes your sales reps’ calls and highlights the key points, such as moments of hesitation, competitor mentions, and common sales objections. You can jump on to that part of the call and find out how your sales rep dealt with them - so as to create a coaching plan for improvement.

That’s how the pros do it.

New talent onboarding playbook

Every time you hire a new sales rep, you have to conduct the same old orientation session again. Not only is it tiring, but it also doesn’t add as much value as being on the field would. You want to onboard your reps by giving them a detailed picture of how a successful sales call should go - quickly enough so that they can close deals ASAP. 

Chill, you don’t need PPTs and speeches anymore. 

Sales call recording software to the rescue! Your software can provide you with a quick result of the top-performing sales reps in your organization. The next step from here is to pick the best sales phone calls you want the new hires to listen to, which gives them an all-encompassing view to prepare their sales strategy. It’s almost like they are shadowing your best reps on the field. 

Greater visibility with quick call reviews

You asked your sales reps to adopt a new sales strategy or a better approach to improve their sales performance. Now you want to do a quick review to follow-up and check if they came through with it. Your call recording software can give you an honest review of your team’s sales phone calls in just a matter of clicks. With call transcription, it will fetch you just the right part of the sales calls, based on the keywords you want to search for. You can  assess who is performing well and who needs coaching.

Don’t just be a manager, become a leader.

Sales enablement: add data-driven value to sales

Find enablement gaps (and ways to fill them)

Sales enablement is a must for any organization that believes in nourishing and improving its sales methodology and closing more deals. Well, who doesn’t? But 65% of sales leaders say that they don’t have enough time and resources for sales enablement. 

Enter sales call recording software. With data-centric insights  flashed on your screens within seconds, you can get critical data points for sales enablement. Such in-depth analytics can be your secret weapon to provide data-driven value to your sales and marketing efforts - helping you deliver a better customer experience, and drive a higher ROI.

Easily find the needle in the haystack.

Identify prospect requirements

Every organization has a set of customer pain points that they think their product needs to solve for. More often than not, these requirements vary from products to services. Depending on that, businesses are looking for products with specific features that solve their immediate and long-term business needs. Prospects reveal these requirements multiple times on call.

By listening to their sales call recordings, you can identify this customer’s voice and use it to improve your product, marketing strategy, and sales pitch.

So much information to use.

Spot testimonials and case studies

Did you know that your prospects research about your organization like you research them? 82% of buyers look up businesses on LinkedIn before they respond to their outreach efforts. 

Having authentic client testimonials and result-oriented case studies could lead your sales calls in a positive direction. 

Here’s a great way to ensure that your prospects believe in the integrity of your client reviews right when they see it: 

Use your call recording software to capture happy clients expressing their success stories with your product on a sales call. Add this to your marketing efforts as honest client testimonials and case studies. You can post those specific parts of the call recordings on your website or social media handles to gain traction. 

Isn’t that a cool way to use call recordings?!

Marketing benefits: what’s up with your prospects?

Refine lead qualification process

“The prospect was just not interested; the marketing guys sent us a stale lead again.”

Tired of getting one of those? Your analysis was correct; the lead seemed to be expressing interest in the kind of solution you offer. You thought it was a qualified lead but then why didn’t they respond the same way when your sales rep called them? You can identify these gaps by listening to those calls - based on the objections raised by the prospects. You can further use these insights to create a checklist before sending a lead to your sales team.

No unqualified lead needs to go to sales now.

Adjust your marketing message

If you know your customers’ needs and pain points, you have a marketing goldmine right there. When your sales reps engage with your prospects on call, many important points are revealed in that conversation. Use your call recordings to identify those critical touchpoints to devise your marketing campaigns with new and more relatable messaging. 

Looking at the list of these benefits of call recording, it’s quite clear that they help the sales and marketing functions work in cohesion. Starting from refining the lead qualification process by the marketing team to course correction of sales reps’ behavior on-call - sales call recordings streamline your sales pipeline at every stage. 

But as we emphasized throughout this blog, just recording the calls and feeding them to your CRM doesn’t do it all. You have to empower your call recordings with sales intelligence to get insights that matter. And you’re in good hands since Wingman does just that for you!

Powered by conversation intelligence and sales automation, Wingman sifts through billions of your call recordings to fetch golden sales insights for you. Being a simplified call recording platform, it enables you to blur the lines between sales and marketing teams. To drive successful marketing campaigns, close more deals, and get the perfect client testimonials for your social channels, book a demo with us today!

That’s what it’s all about.

Real-time sales coaching software that helps your team win deals with confidence

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