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Your Guide to Acing Remote Sales Meetings with Wingman

Your Guide to Acing Remote Sales Meetings with Wingman

Chetna Sabharwal
Chetna Sabharwal
December 16, 2022
5 min read

Kelly will never drive a manual car.

And she’ll also never miss an opportunity to say I told you so. 

When she and her boyfriend Craig moved to New York, they decided to get swanky new cars. Kelly said she would get an automatic. She told Craig he should get an automatic too.

“Where’s the fun in that!,” Craig replied, laughing at her. He went on to tease her about how she can’t really drive. 

Craig got a manual car, and Kelly got an automatic. It's been a month since, and Craig’s started getting an awful pain in his left foot, thanks to the traffic.

And as for Kelly; well, this is Kelly: 

One can never miss a “told you so” moment.

The moral of this story is that although it’s good to be in control, some tasks are just better delegated to machines.

For Craig, an automatic car would have been better because he would have spared a ton of effort. 

In very much the same way, for sales reps, conversation intelligence brings accuracy, speed, and impact to your sales process. Wingman is especially handy when it comes to remote sales meetings – here’s how: 

How to ace remote sales meetings with Wingman

1. Use call recordings to reduce busywork around selling 

Have you ever sat down to calculate all the time your reps spend on tasks that are related to sales but don’t qualify as actual selling? Emails. Talking to customer service. Collaborating with the marketing team. Wingman can eliminate a lot of that so that the salesforce does what it’s supposed to do: selling! Here’s how Wingman makes that happen for you:

Faster reviewing

You might miss crucial details while on call (because you’re thinking about what to say next, not because you lack focus). Call recordings help you review what you may have missed, and that too, in half the time. You can skim a call transcript or run through the call recording at 2x playback speed. Moreover, you can review calls by speakers or jump to the next steps, which AI automatically charts out for you.  

Summaries of call recordings let you review calls by the speaker or blockers. A summary of blockers or next steps will help your sales team plan ahead before the next follow-up call. Wingman also annotates the call summary to highlight your sales rep’s response to the prospect’s concerns.

Customizable analytics 

When you shop online, you can filter results by price. Depending on what you’re buying you might be able to filter by size, color, fabric for clothing or features, and launch date for devices. Wingman lets you apply advanced filters to your calls so that you can zero in on meaningful patterns. Spot correlations between competition mentions and next steps, or a specific objection handling technique and deal closure – channel your inner Sherlock.

You won’t need all those charts to spot correlations with Wingman.

Better collaboration

Wingman’s call recordings let you archive customer feedback. This enables your product team to develop product roadmaps that account for what customers are missing in your product or solution. You can also send these recordings to other teams, such as marketing so that they can build relevant campaigns around customers’ pain points. Or you can send them to customer success teams that can leverage the recording to learn the customer’s goals and motivation.

Improved record-keeping 

Whether your customer has mentioned a competitor or displayed wariness about the product in general, with recordings, you never miss a crucial detail ever again. 

You can also forward recordings to prospects to ensure you are both on the same page. Wingman also tells you when the shared URL of the video is being watched by a prospect, so you know when to set up your follow-up call.

Informed decision-making

Summaries from call recordings can be a huge help when you are assessing the overall health of your sales cycle. Additionally, you can use Wingman to search for specific topics of interest. For example, when you are ready to revamp your pricing model, you can take a quick peek into what customers are saying about pricing by doing a simple search.

Real-life promotional material 

Call recordings can sometimes be used as customer testimonials. Sometimes you call the customer for feedback and receive positive feedback. On occasion, they might even share a detailed story of how your product has changed their lives for the better. 

Definitely want to be sharing a clip like this with other prospects

So long as you have the customer’s consent, you can build powerful customer stories and case studies to be used as social proof.

Automatic sync after permissions 

Wingman records and transcribes every audio and video call and stores them in an easily accessible call log. Whether you prefer zoom or other video conferencing tools, Wingman integrates seamlessly with your dialers, CRMs, and messaging tools. You just need to sync once, and you’re good to go! Isn’t automation the best?

2. Use Wingman as your virtual assistant and real-time guru 

If virtual assistants can help you with your day-to-day tasks on your phone. Then why not let virtual assistants help with virtual sales?

“Hey, Wingman!” 



Well, you don’t even need to summon Wingman. It’s actively listening to the sales call and sending your reps all the ammo they need to bring home more conversions. 

Wingman’s battle cards are real-time cues that help your salespeople navigate a virtual sales call. Battle card topics range from use cases to pricing.

For example, when the customer says, “expensive,” Wingman will prompt the sales rep to “show customer ROI” or “calculate savings”. The prompts get fairly detailed, like, “Wingman help companies reduce ramp-time by 30-50%”. 

Sales reps can also focus on the deal-closing rather than taking notes during their customer interactions. Wingman’s AI-enabled note-taking makes detailed memos for salespeople to reference after a virtual meeting.

  1. Live assistance on call: how to tackle competitor mentions & sales objections
  2. Sales analysis: helps us analyze our calls quickly with automated, annotated call notes, AI-powered insights 

3. Give your reps real-time sales coaching with Wingman’s live, contextual cues

Remote work can take its toll even on expert sales professionals. More so on new hires pitching for the first time through a screen instead of face-to-face. Moreover, in a remote setup, your reps cannot wave to you and beckon you over to their desks when the going gets tough on video calls. 

Wingman is your co-pilot, steering your sales team along the path of success, and helping them close deals. It gears your sales reps with sales enablement tools such as pop-up cards, contextual cues, and battle cards that are customizable and readily accessible. So when your salespeople are struggling with a phone call – and you would normally run over to them but can’t because you’re not under the same roof anymore – they can navigate through a tricky situation independently. 

Wingman also provides important metrics, such as the talk-to-listen ratio, so that your reps know when they have been talking for too long.

Being a good listener is a skill. 

Sales leaders are notified with alerts when a team member isn’t able to perform well. Sales calls are scored on the basis of scoring templates with custom parameters for discovery calls, and demos. This way, you have a clear picture of where your reps stand, which lets you plan customized sales training sessions. 

Wait, there’s more!

When you are reviewing old sales calls, you can bookmark coachable moments with just one click and share them with your team members. All the bookmarks are neatly stacked on the call review page for your salesforce to use.

With transcriptions, call summaries, scorecards, call recordings, and full context into sales conversations, you can perform a full analysis of a sales rep’s performance. This gives you everything you need to coach them for better success. 

4) Fast-track virtual onboarding with Wingman’s game tapes 

Onboarding new hires in-office is a piece of cake with Wingman.

Now that’s what you call quick onboarding

You can use Wingman’s game tapes feature, which is a shared playlist winning sales strategies, pricing, blockers, and product feature demos. Game tapes create a standard, repeatable onboarding process that newbies can follow to start selling in no time.

It also promotes peer-to-peer coaching. You can select the star performers of your team and share their sales strategies so that each team member can benefit from the game tapes. Additionally, as game tapes can be shared across the teams, it helps in aligning the marketing and customer success teams.

Wingman has taken care of all the aspects of your sales process. It’s time to zoom out and view the sales process from a distance.

5) Pre-empt deal loss with Wingman’s Deal Central 

Ever heard the saying, “It’s never too late?” Well, the truth is that if a lead stops responding to your calls, it’s clearly, already too late. 

You need to pre-empt this as a sales leader, but you can’t listen to every call, especially because a lot of them happen simultaneously. Wingman gives you early signals for at-risk deals based on how the sales conversation is going so that you can swoop in and save the day. 

6) Use Actions in Slack to reduce administrative tasks on you and your team

From at-risk deals to intel on prospects for an upcoming meeting (no need to stalk them on LinkedIn) and pre-filled emails for meeting summaries and follow-ups, Wingman takes on all your administrative heavy lifting. Why? So you can focus on selling. 

Lend wings to your remote selling

Wingman is a high-octane, conversation intelligence platform that helps you improve your remote selling game and meet quotas by putting the best tools in your hands and the hands of your sales reps. How? Well, delivers actionable insights to help you plan better, supports the team with in-call prompts so they can sell better, and brings ease and speed to all the non-core tasks on the salesforce’s plate through automation.

Sales leaders who use Wingman find that their teams become more confident and display a higher conversion rate. They also find that they have less pushback from other departments when they want to recommend changes that impact these other departments. Best of all, sales managers who use Wingman feel less overwhelmed because when they’re tied up with one sales rep, they can rest assured that Wingman is supporting the others. 

Don’t take our word for it (JK). Try it yourself. The proof is in the platform - book a demo today!

Cheers to meeting those sales targets! 

Real-time sales coaching software that helps your team win deals with confidence

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