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What's the Deal With Sales Enablement?

What's the Deal With Sales Enablement?

Anirban Banerjee
Anirban Banerjee
December 31, 2021
5 min read

“It's not easy bein' green” sang Kermit, and you know what, little fella? We feel ya. It’s not easy making the green anymore either.

“It's not easy bein' green” sang Kermit

Closing a deal is getting tougher and tougher for sales reps, and it’s really not hard to see why.

  • Customers receive a deluge of phone calls and emails from sales reps. Differentiating oneself from the competition becomes a tall order.
  • Despite the number of gadgets customers own for communication, they are less responsive than ever.
  • There are multiple parties involved in the decision-making process. Sales reps have to create content to engage each of them.
  • If there is a successful marketing campaign, sales reps get overwhelmed with leads that are not always of great quality.

What if we said there was a better way for businesses to resolve these challenges of their sales reps? 

Curiouser and curiouser

The answer, of course, lies in sales enablement.

Before we go into the how, let’s first take a look at the definition of sales enablement.

What is sales enablement?

Sales enablement is the process of offering information, tools, and resources to salespeople to add value to their pitch, deliver a better customer experience, and drive revenue.

So, what does it involve?

  • Creating integrated and relevant content and making them available to sales reps.
  • Designing and implementing sales training programs for sales reps and line managers. It could also involve giving them more information about the products and services of the company.
  • Conceptualizing sales processes to enable sales executives to have better conversations with customers.
  • Using technology to get key insights about consumer behavior and getting better-quality leads and converting them.

Who owns sales enablement?

For leaders, bringing together marketing and sales is an uphill task. 87% of them know these departments need to work hand-in-hand for growing the business.

In any company, the sales enablement team is owned by both marketing and sales functions with an end goal of adding more value to the sales reps.

Your marketing division could already be producing valuable resources like videos, blogs, etc. Involving your salespeople in the process will help them create additional targeted and crisp marketing collateral items like catalogs and product guides.Such collateral often proves invaluable when having conversations with customers.

Elevate your sales conversations with sales enablement

Your sales function, on the other hand, can pass on information from the ground to the marketing teams. They are the customer-facing people in your organization, and they know your prospects' pain points. If you do not involve them, it is an opportunity lost.

Sales reps can identify the gaps in your marketing strategy and share this information back with the marketing team to develop more insightful and valuable resources.

65% of sales managers say they cannot perform well because they do not have enough time and resources . Successful sales enablement can bridge this gap and lead to higher productivity.

Responsibilities of the sales enablement team:

Check out our blog on Sales Enablement 101 for a much more detailed look at what a sales enablement team does. The TL:DR however, is given below.

  • Creating onboarding and continuous learning programs for the sales team.
  • Developing resources and tools for the sales team using CRM data.
  • Identifying sales training and coaching needs, developing their plans, and implementing them.
  • Identifying parameters to measure the success of sales enablement initiatives and measuring them to report the status.

What are the main types of sales enablement content?

Here are some sales enablement content formats that can help potential customers make a buying decision. When it comes to these resources, personalization goes a long way.

Case studies

Case studies are, naturally, some of the most compelling content you can create because they are based on verifiable, actual wins.

Getting to know about a real-time success story can instill confidence in your potential customers and highlight how your company is willing to offer customized resolutions.

Moreover, it builds credibility when you demonstrate how your product has successfully resolved the challenges of another company in the industry.

This is how you do it!

When it comes to case studies, the more you can churn out, the better. If you are a new business, you may want to publish your first case study within six months to get the momentum going.

When it comes to formats, most case studies can be presented as a combination of text and images. Remember to include as much detail as you can, because the more detailed a case study is, the easier it is for prospects to visualise how the solution works.

Moreover, you can also consider getting case study videos made for some of your biggest wins. Videos are extremely compelling content and these can serve as marketing collateral, in addition to being powerful sales enablement material.

Email templates

Every year, email is declared dead, and every year, email stubbornly refuses to die. They are still effective in messaging and connecting with potential customers, especially in the B2B arena. In fact, emails are the second-most favored form of communication for sales reps after phone calls.

Trying to create that perfect email…

In the absence of support, sales teams can spend hours thinking about and perfecting email copy, hours they could have spent connecting with and converting leads. .

Sales enablement can make life easier for salespeople by designing email templates for messaging customers and making them readily available.

At the same time, the sales enablement team should also help customize these email templates as not every lead is the same, and not every customer is at the same point in the sales funnel. In fact, it’s possible to go a step further and use automation to increase sales productivity.

Sales decks

When it comes to making an amazing first impression, you can rarely do better than a slick, well-made sales deck..

A sales deck is a presentation made in PowerPoint, Pitch, etc., and is used by the sales team to demonstrate the product to the clients. It supplements a sales pitch and demo and explains why the customer should consider buying your product or service.

The best way to make compelling sales decks is to think of a storyline and visualize content before you start.

Use your imagination

While you will share figures, numbers, and product features in the presentation, the story stays with a persona. Use a catchy first slide to pique your prospects' curiosity and follow it up with interesting visuals and data to make your pitch more convincing.

In the absence of these resources, salespeople can spend as much as two-thirds of their day in tasks that do not involve actually talking to prospects.

How can technology support sales enablement?

It is safe to say that sales enablement cannot exist without technology.

Whether you want to use it for sales training, sales strategy, or initiatives, intelligent platforms and tools can enhance the output.

For instance, listening to every sales conversation can help you unlock insights and jump to action if you foresee trouble. Enter Wingman, an actionable conversation intelligence platform. It records your team’s sales conversations and, with a combination of sophisticated algorithms and AI, provides analytics that help you identify your sales enablement needs.

Sales enablement can be tricky. Often, it is the secret weapon that makes the difference between a successful sale and a lost deal. Properly identifying your sales enablement needs is absolutely crucial for success. If you are interested to know what Wingman can do for your sales enablement, book a demo here today.

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