Wingman - the Gong alternative
for teams that choose speed

When you compare Wingman to Gong, the difference is clear: we offer you a conversation intelligence tool that gives you more bang for your buck, packs a punch right out of the box, gives live cues & coaching, and has a delightful interface that brings insights to the eye level.

Why teams are making the switch from Gong to Wingman




Call recording & transcription

Call recording & transcription




Automated note-taking

Live bookmarks across all supported video platforms
Zoom only
Call sharing
Call snippet creation & sharing
Call snippet creation & sharing
Notification when a shared call is viewed (great for follow-ups)

High-quality transcription with timestamp

Transcript available within minutes of call completion
Takes as long as the call duration
Automated call summary
Speaker & talk-time detection
Public & private comments
Private calls
Game tapes
Custom topic tracking
AI-generated topics

Sales coaching & performance analysis

Real-time coaching & cues

Long monologue alert
Real-time voice-triggered cue cards
Word rate alert
Word rate alert
Time-based cue cards
Desktop app

Performance analysis

Dedicated team dashboard
Talk:listen ratio
Longest monologue duration
Engaging questions
Identification of winning sales behaviours
Custom coaching reports
Coaching as a service
Competitor intelligence
AI-based recommendation to review calls

Deal & pipeline visibility

Deal Central dashboard
Bring in data for all deal interactions across email, calls, video meetings
Enriched with CRM info

Onboarding & support

Complementary onboarding
Data migration support
24*7 live chat


Integrations with all leading dialers, CRMs, video conferencing tools, calendars & Slack
Two-way direct Hubspot integration
Needs a Zap

Frequently Asked Questions

But, how much does Gong cost?

Well, enough for their pricing page not to tell you. It’s more suitable for deep pockets, according to our customers who have switched. Wingman is about 5x more affordable than Gong (see pricing plans here) and has no setup fee or minimum seat requirement.

How does the free trial work?

It’s super simple. Just sign up with your email. We’ll set up your account. You invite a few reps to try it out for 1 week. All access, full power. Quick onboarding. Quick results :)

Can I share these calls with people outside my team?

Sure, you can share links to calls with your prospects, potential investors or really anyone else. And even track when they view the recording and send that follow-up email just in time.

Will I be able to switch easily from Gong to Wingman?

Yes! Switching from Gong to Wingman is quick and easy. We’ll move everything for you, from call data to your playlists, at no extra charge. We are the Gong alternative you’ve been looking for.

Which tools do you integrate with? I don’t want to change my CRM.

Wingman fits right into your tech stack. From your HubSpot and Salesforce CRMs to the most popular dialers and video conferencing tools, Wingman integrates with the tools you use. Plus, our integration with HubSpot is two-way, unlike Gong where you need to invest in Zapier. See all our integrations here.

Wait, did you say that I don’t need to pay for observers?

Yes! That’s right. You have to pay only for recording users on Wingman. So Sales Salma, Marketing Mark and Product Pi can listen to the voice of the customer for free.

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annually per rep

Audio/Video Recording

Transcription & AI tags

Trends Dashboard & Call Analytics

2-way CRM integration

Real-time notes & alerts

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