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Stories from our customers

Our customers trust Wingman to rise to the occasion, no matter what the goal.

Sales Coaching

Wingman helped us get data about sales calls that we never had before. It’s super simple to set up. Helps record important customer details from sales calls such as questions for follow ups. Gives super relevant tips during calls and helps in training the sales team faster by giving actual examples for training.

Paul De Barros

Sales Manager,

Voice of customer

Never before have we had marketing, sales, and product get aligned so easily and take actionable decisions from authentic customer feedback at scale, as we're doing right now.

Damian Matheson

Director of Partner Development,

Call recording & review

Great tool to track calls with customers. It is very easy to use as it connects automatically with every call. But my favorite features are the ability to search through the entire conversation and leave a comment.

Usually, I need to recall something from the call and instead of listening to a one-hour call, I can directly find it by searching for the moment I am looking for. Definitely recommended for everyone who is in saas and makes customer calls and interviews.

Veronika Yurchuk

Traces AI

Stories from our customers

Our customers trust Wingman to rise to the occasion, no matter what the goal.

Accurate call transcriptions

The call transcriptions are quite accurate and easily searchable. I like being able to jump to the exact point of a conversation and get more context just by searching for the topic.

Aadil Razvi

Head of Sales,
Demand Curve

Conversation repository

Indispensable repository for all my conversations. I enjoy the fact that the software automatically transcribes my entire conversation. Something I can refer to when needed.

Aditya Jishnu

Customer Success Manager,

Sales call reviews

While working remotely, Slintel has been using Wingman to review calls on a real‑time basis to learn from each other's mistakes and accomplishments. This has helped us evolve the sales pitch to a very large extent and we’ve seen a tremendous improvement in the quality of customer interactions.

Anupreet Singh

Sales Director,

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