Ok Google, show me calls with pricing concerns

That won’t work, but Wingman does. Get automatic call summaries for every sales conversation — questions, next steps, pain points and topics of interest.

Use Wingman to get visibility into your sales conversations, evaluate discovery skills and improve sales productivity, without spending hours listening to calls.

He said, she said, they said... hello, reality.

He said, she said, they said... hello, reality.

Full visibility on every sales interaction

No opinions. No hearsay. Know the true reality of your sales conversations. Wingman automatically tags topics of interest, so you immediately know what your reps are saying and what your prospects are asking for.

We use Wingman for sales and product calls. Great for referencing calls for notes, follow-ups, next steps, etc. Love the "highlights" feature that surfaces insights for us.

Andy Carlson
Director of Sales, Avo
Improve your team’s discovery skills

Are your reps asking the right questions? Are prospects engaged? We know good questions make good sales calls. So Wingman helps you quickly identify gaps in discovery and coach more effectively.

I like that I can see the questions customers are asking and it automatically categorizes conversations so I can review them efficiently.

Akshay Deogupta
Customer Success Manager,
Faster call prep = better follow-ups

Poor follow-ups are just as bad as no follow-ups. Wingman summarizes next steps and blockers from previous conversations so your sales reps can compress call prep and follow up effectively.

Wingman is your salesperson’s new best friend. Makes reviewing sales calls simple and easy.So we know what lines work and we can share feedback internally without any paraphrasing.

Jamie Griffiths
Business Development Manager, Vatix
Easy sharing with your team and prospects

Knowledge transfer has never been this easy. Share recordings or call snippets internally in a click. Or share call URLs with prospects and know exactly when they watch it so you can strike when the iron is hot. Timing is everything.

Wingman helps me focus on the conversation and it’s easy to share recordings with prospects and internal contacts.

Brett Spenner
Sales Team Lead, Chargebee
Know what drives your sales engine

One size doesn’t fit all. Easily customize the topics that Wingman analyzes. Get granular insights into what was discussed, from product features and pricing to objection handling and competitors, on every sales call.

Wingman has helped me take back control of call coaching, consistent messaging and more. I can see results from 1000s of calls across my team and ascertain who needs help and where.

Elliot Partin
Head of Inside Sales, Qumulo

Build feedback loops that actually work

Choose who you listen to

Wingman automatically identifies speakers on every call and creates speech tracks for them. So you can listen only to your customer or your rep and mute everyone else.

Lightning-fast call reviews

Review double the calls in half the time. Every sales conversation is analyzed in real-time, so everything is just a search away. Or you can scroll through highlights on a call.

Share the voice of customer

How did you find us? How can we make it better? Ask customers what your marketing and product teams really want to know. Wingman tracks all responses, so everyone knows.

Modern sales teams love Wingman

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Forget unstructured transcripts.
Say yes to actionable call summaries.