Hassle-free HubSpot sync to boost coaching and conversions

Wingman’s two-way sync with HubSpot takes a click, so call reviews are faster. It's your early-warning system to act on deals at risk based on conversation intelligence.

Never miss a thing with two-way HubSpot sync

Your contacts, accounts and deals are automatically synced to and fro. A recording link is updated in your HubSpot CRM as soon as a meeting ends.

So you get full visibility for coaching and pipeline reviews. Plus, your sales data is always up to date.

Faster, more effective call reviews

Wingman automatically records, transcribes and analyzes all your sales meetings, pulling in relevant data from HubSpot CRM.

You get full-context during call reviews, so they go faster and coaching becomes more effective.

Proactively act on at-risk deals

Wingman's early-warning system shines a light on at-risk deals based on what’s said (and not said) in your conversations.

Which means you proactively act on red flags such as pricing not discussed and competitor mentions before deals slip away.

360-degree view of your pipeline

No opinions. No guesstimates. Just facts. All the facts.
HubSpot CRM data paired with real-time conversation insights from your emails, calls, video meetings—all in one place—gives you the true reality of your pipeline.

Work with your favorite sales tools

HubSpot, Zoom, Aircall, Google Calendar or Gmail—Wingman seamlessly integrates with the sales tools you use every day.
Plus, critical deal alerts and coaching feedback are piped into your Slack or inbox as you please.

Wingman gives me clear visibility into exactly where any deal is in the pipeline. This saves me hours each week, improves forecast accuracy and helps us train our growing and now distributed sales force.

Kevin Clark

SVP Sales,

Love the analytics and the insights. The CRM integration makes the life of my sales team easier. Transcripts are an added bonus, helps immensely in keeping track of calls even if I missed any.

Roshinee P

Europe Regional Head,

Wingman is a game changer. Our customers say so.

We are growing fast, so replicating ourselves with new team members is critical. We like being able to take note of coaching opportunities and expansion opportunities on each call.

Tori Scharadin

Senior Customer Success Manager, Opensense

Modern sales teams love Wingman.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sync HubSpot CRM with Wingman?

Sign up for Wingman and all it takes to sync HubSpot is a click. We’ll help you configure relevant CRM fields and customize deal warnings. Talk to us. :)

What data does Wingman sync with HubSpot?

Wingman pulls in data on your contacts, accounts, deals, meetings and emails from HubSpot. A recording link is automatically updated in HubSpot as soon as your meeting ends. Plus, you can edit key deal data—close date, value, deal stage, etc.—directly in Wingman and it’s synced back pronto.

Can I import custom CRM fields to Wingman?

Yes! Wingman admin(s) can easily customize the list of HubSpot CRM fields Wingman syncs, so you get all the intel you need and none of the noise.

Level up your sales engine with HubSpot + Wingman