We’re people making people-centric product for better business conversations

Closing the next big deal shouldn’t be hindered by imperfect conversations or knowledge gaps. We crafted Wingman to be your co-pilot on every sales call.

500,000 minutes of calls analyzed

Deep-tech experience across Amazon, Google & Uber

Supporting enterprises and start-ups all over the globe

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Shruti Kapoor

You can find her enjoying podcasts and competing in boardgames when she isn’t busy flying paper planes with her 4 year old!


Muralidharan Venkatasubramanian

When he is not snowboarding  up on some mountain or scuba diving  in some remote part of the world, you can find him on a basketball court
or a soccer field


Srikar Yekollu

In between moments where you don't find him huddled behind a dark themed code editor, you will either find him lapping KT at Squaw or trying to play the perfect cross like he imagined.

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