Improve sales coaching with conversation intelligence

Switch to modern sales coaching that actually works. Fits in your busy day, makes you a part of every sales call, and works from your couch or cabin.

Once upon a time, sales coaching was simpler.

You could hop on to your reps’ sales calls, and live coach them to the finish line. Was it perfect? No.

How much time did you have to coach? How many times did you have to repeat the same thing.

But it worked. Sorta. 👀

Sales coaching in today’s new reality is tough.

You’re sitting on your couch (probably), not sure what calls are lined up for the day, and fumbling around looking for calls to coach on. Ouch.

Your competition just raised 200 mil in funding. And you’re feeling the burn.

Modern sales coaching is real-time,
actionable, always on and contextual

Unlike other sales coaching tools and software, Wingman automatically analyzes your team’s sales calls and performance with the power of AI. We do the heavy lifting to get you the insights you need to boost your team and revenue.

I just don't have all the time in the world to coach.

Better sales coaching in less time.

Stop spending hours looking for calls to coach on and then wondering how many calls you can fit into one coaching sesh. Get AI-powered insights into all your sales calls without listening to even a single call.
I find my team appreciates when I can highlight themes or focus areas in bite-sized moments; not long-winded feedback right after a big meeting.
Paul De Barros
Sales Manager,

I can't start from scratch on every sales call.

Sales coaching driven by
insights at scale.

Spot winning sales behaviors and correlations between variables like cold call openings or objection handling and the final outcome of a deal. Drive consistency in messaging and behavior.
We're a smaller, but growing sales team. Wingman has given us visibility into all of our processes, how they and the reps are performing, and has allowed us to use the data to iterate on sales and marketing strategy.
Damian M
Director of Partner Development,

How can I join every sales call?

Real-time sales coaching that’s always on.

Help your reps navigate tricky situations on calls with Wingman’s live cues and coaching, without being on every call. From monologue alerts and bookmarks to cue cards with pitch points, we’ve got your back.
Wingman is actually my Wingman. It really helps me during customer calls by pulling out pre-loaded cue cards for my reference related to the topic being discussed at that point in the call.
Wasim H
Customer Success Manager,

Faster onboarding
by 50%

Put reps in charge of 
their own growth

Asynchronous coaching that’s always on

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your sales coaching?