Call library

Call recordings don’t work.

Unless they are automatically transcribed, analyzed and organized into an easy-to-use sales call library — which Wingman does.

Use Wingman to build your searchable sales call library with conversation intelligence for faster coaching, DIY onboarding and timely alerts.

One call library to rule them all

One call library to rule them all

Make your call recordings searchable

Is pricing a blocker? Or a competitor? Wingman automatically transcribes and tags your call recordings, so all it takes to find blockers or competitor mentions is a search. It’s so easy, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. No kidding.

The ease of use in finding, reviewing and commenting on calls is what sold me and has led to the pro-active adoption of Wingman by reps.

Ian Hutchinson
VP of Sales, DuploCloud
Cut through the noise to what matters to you

Your call recordings are now searchable, yes, but there’s just too many. So Wingman analyzes them and adds a fishing net to your arsenal. Use filters to quickly find just what you want, based on what was discussed on the call. Customer pains? Blockers? Pricing? You got it.

Super easy to set up and start using. For an early stage, fast-growing company, Wingman is indispensable. We end up saving hours daily!

Karthik Vemparala
Co-founder, Sprinto
Find the right calls for coaching (or let them find you)

Negative sales behaviors? BANT didn’t happen? Monitor adherence to your playbooks and focus on what needs attention. Or save your filters to get alerts when a new call matches your criteria. Let the right calls find you.

We are growing fast, so replicating ourselves with new team members is critical. We like being able to take note of coaching opportunities and expansion opportunities on each call.

Tori Scharadin
Senior Customer Success Manager, Opensense
Stay ahead of your competition at every turn

Don’t let rivals get the jump on you. With Wingman by your side, finding sales calls with competitor mentions takes seconds. So you can jump right in, watch how your reps handle comparisons and nudge deals to the dotted line.

Wingman helps us really understand our customers. Be it for fine-tuning product features or doing internal research, Wingman gives us a fountain of impactful customer insights to use.

Matthew Johnson
Senior Product Manager, Panther Labs

Use your calls to close more deals

Onboard new reps faster

Accelerate onboarding by giving new SDRs and AEs access to a library of your best sales calls alongside coaching feedback—all in one place. From reel play to real play in days, not months.

Ensure playbook adherence

With Wingman analyzing all sales conversations, you know exactly when something is missing on a call. No next steps? Pricing not discussed? No timelines? Now you know.

Increase revenue, stop churn

Improve ACV by identifying under-selling situations across sales conversations. Or reduce customer churn by preventing mis-selling before it happens. Or just do both.

Modern sales teams love Wingman

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Build your searchable, shareable sales call library now.