Battle cards

Hit the right notes on every call

Battle cards are live, contextual cues to help your salespeople navigate tricky situations and ace every sales call.

Use battle cards to get your new reps combat-ready faster, deliver the perfect pitch every time and stay ahead of your competition.

Get better at the Art of War Sales

Get. Set. Close.

Get your new reps combat-ready faster

Forget ride-alongs and index cards. Give new salespeople a head start with live battle cards for unique selling points, discovery and objection handling. Cut ramp up time by half.

Love the automatic cue cards that pop us as soon as the word is heard in the conversation. Really helps me be comfortable with all product features.

Apoorv Tiwari
Solutions Consultant, Chargebee
Deliver the perfect pitch every time

Never miss a thing. With contextual battle cards for product features, use cases and pricing, your sales reps are more persuasive than ever. Make each sales call the best one yet.

Wingman is truly my wingman! It helps me by pulling out pre-loaded cue cards related to the topic being discussed at that point in the call.

Wasim Hussain
Customer Success Manager, Chargebee
Live coaching, without the shadowing

Make coaching more personalized. With battle cards for specific teams or individuals, you make every rep successful without spending hours on shadowing.

Wingman is great for employee training. I really like the analytics and the general interface. But what really makes Wingman amazing is the real-time coaching ability!

Ben Green
VP Operations, OktoPost
Stay ahead of your competition

Don’t let rivals eat into your revenue. Create live battle cards on competitors, questions to ask and differentiators to leverage, so your salespeople deposition them with ease.

I can set up exactly the battle cards that my team needs! It’s amazing and I love it.

Lauren Dixon
Director of Client Success, DemandZEN

Move fast. Sell better.

Get new sales content to the frontlines

Creating new sales enablement content is good. Getting it to your SDRs and AEs at the right moment is better. Do it with real-time battle cards for comparisons or pricing.

Consistent messaging across all calls

With live battle cards, your people get the information they need on every sales call. Which means more consistent messaging and better conversations with prospects.

Modern sales teams love Wingman

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Ready to scale your sales playbook with battle cards?