Game Tapes

Netflix for your sales calls

Game tapes are shared playlists of winning sales tactics for discovery, demos and more.

Use game tapes to accelerate onboarding, promote peer learning, and improve sales, marketing and product alignment.

Wingman is your ramp accelerator

Build a repeatable onboarding process

Ramp up your team at light speed with game tapes of real-world sales calls. Create shared playlists for every newbie need, from pricing and blockers to product features. Get new reps in the game without taking yourself out.

Being able to quickly and easily search and review game tapes has been instrumental to our ability to improve internal processes.

Naveed Iqbal
CEO, Dolr
Turn your B players into A players

Let your reps learn from the best in class. Game tapes can be created by anyone and shared with the entire team in minutes not hours. Democratize knowledge sharing and growth.

As we grow, game tapes have been a great way to compile different calls and examples, teach new people and really get good customer feedback.

Christina K
Customer Success Manager, Marketman
Align marketing, sales and product

Make it easy for the entire company to align their roadmap to the pulse of your customer. From getting product feedback to understanding whether your sales pitch is working, give them direct access to customer insights.

Wingman has empowered us to share tribal knowledge easily. We have active sessions where sales, product and marketing teams discuss calls and offer ideas on the use cases that come up.

Abhilash M
Enterprise Sales Executive, Chargebee

Make knowledge sharing easy

Keep your knowledge base fresh

A click or two is all it takes for anyone to add calls to your game tapes. Which means building a knowledge base for sales and keeping it fresh is quick and easy.

Share notes voice of the customer

Deliver the emotions, not just the words your customers say. Make it easy for your team to empathize with your customers and talk to them in a shared language.

Modern sales teams love Wingman

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