Effective sales enablement with
conversation intelligence

Create sales enablement playbooks and processes based on reality, not rumination. Wingman helps you analyze sales calls at scale, understand the voice of the customer and identify top winning tracks.

We get a lot of complaints that our demos aren't tailored to the people in the room.

Effective sales enablement is tough.
You’re playing to a tough crowd. Your sales team. And your customers. But in reality, you’re not even in the same room as them, forget reading the room and changing the pitch.

So what do you do? You listen to sales calls. You join live pitches. You go the extra mile. Finally, you create the perfect piece and release it to a standing ovation of… crickets. Your reps just don't read the memo. They’ve got it under control. Until they don’t.

Effective sales enablement is based on real opinions and real time change.

Switch to a better way of running sales enablement. With Wingman, you get to be on every sales call, create content and training that you can iterate on in minutes, and see for yourself the effectiveness and adoption of your sales playbook.

I don’t know what’s not working - my content or adoption?

Evaluate the effectiveness and adoption of sales enablement content.

See whether your reps are playing by the rules and understand objectively what's working and what's not. Are your reps following the script and asking the questions they need to? The call review page tells all.
Great learning and management tool for SDR/AEs. I have 12 employees who sell over the phone everyday. Wingman has helped me take back control of call coaching, controlling consistent messaging and more.
Elliot P
Head of Inside Sales,

The market changes every day. Our playbooks, maybe once a quarter.

Iterate on your sales playbooks in hours, not weeks.

Ditch the time spent on interviewing reps and getting feedback. Serve the right content at the right time with Wingman's live cues so your reps can access it during sales calls. Fine tune the messaging yourself.
Having a remote team we need the ability to constantly coach and provide feedback on calls. Wingman enables us to easily find relevant conversations using AI and text analysis and help the team sell more.
Daniel K

We’re expanding and it’s hard to onboard new hires quickly.

Create sales playbooks and processes that help teams ramp up at scale.

Share the best calls, worst calls and winning sales tactics via a library of game tapes. No need to shadow every live call. No need to memorize all the winning plays with Wingman’s live cues and alerts.
True to its name, Wingman has empowered the sales team at Chargebee to adapt, coach and share tribal knowledge easily. We have active sessions where teams discuss calls and offer their ideas on the use cases that come up.
Abhilash M.
Enterprise Sales Executive,

Give your company a direct line with your prospects

Amplify the voice of the customer

Stay one step ahead of the market

Switch to effective sales enablement now.