Call recording software to power
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Call recording software that automatically records, transcribes and analyzes every sales call so you don’t have to. Pitch better and close faster.

AI-assisted call recording software that packs a punch

Best-in-class, accurate call recordings and transcripts

Wingman records and transcribes every video and audio call on your calendar and stores them in an easy-to-access call log. Easily shareable both with the team and your customers.

Integrates with the tools you love and use

Wingman integrates seamlessly with your existing tech stack, from your dialers and CRMs to video conferencing tools. Sync once, record forever.
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Review twice the calls in half the time

Access a call recording as soon as your call ends. View a transcription or skim through at 2x playback speeds. Review the call by speaker or skip to moments such as next steps, automatically identified by AI.

Analyze your call data, your way

Apply advanced filters to your calls and see meaningful patterns emerge. Spot correlations between competition mentions and next steps, whether everyone on the team is sticking to the playbook, and so much more.

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Wingman is the safest fallback for any sales call! As a BDR, I love how seamlessly Wingman records conversations and how I can go back and revisit any details that I might have missed out on while on the call.

Suniti Nair

Sales Manager,
BDR at Chargebee

Wingman is a game changer. It has totally changed the way I review and study calls by cleanly organizing and allowing me to read, re-read, and skim through entire sales calls. Wingman totally lives the sales training motto of: listen to your own calls, study your managers, learn from the past and apply it to the future.

David S

Appreciation Financial

Sales calls can be stressful to review.

Awesome tool for call tracking. It is very easy to use as Wingman connects automatically to every call, to both Zoom and Google Hangouts. It is super cool because no extra steps are required and you can't forget to connect it to a call.

Veronika Y


Best call recording software for sales teams

Give your entire company a direct line with the customer
Zoom into the calls that need coaching
Get full deal context in one place

Call recording with Wingman 101

Frequently Asked Questions

Which tools does Wingman integrate with?

From your HubSpot and Salesforce CRMs to the most popular dialers and video conferencing tools, Wingman integrates with the tools you already love and use. Plus, our integration with Hubspot is two-way. No zap needed in Wingman. See a complete list here.

Can I tell Wingman to record calls that are ad hoc and last-minute?

Yes, you can invite Wingman to join any call. Simply go to the Wingman Dashboard, click on ‘Join My Meeting’ and add the meeting URL. Wingman will join the meeting in a few minutes. Read more here.

Is Wingman compliant with two-party call recording consent laws in force in certain US states?

We give you the mechanisms and options needed to ensure compliance with your local regulations. Please contact us at for more details.

Will Wingman automatically join all calls on my calendar?

Yes, once you sync Wingman with your calendar, Wingman will automatically join all calls that have at least one external participant, and a link to a video conference meeting. But you can choose to have Wingman not join some meetings, such as a confidential board meeting.

Can I share a call or part of a call with someone?

Yes, once the call is recorded, you will have the option to share the entire call or a snippet of the call with anyone via a URL. You can even track when they view the recording.

Will it only record calls where I am the organizer?

No, once you have set up the meeting and added a video conferencing link, Wingman will record the meeting whether you attend or not.

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