Forget recording sales meetings. No really.

Wingman syncs with your Google Calendar to automatically join, record, transcribe and analyze all your sales meetings. Sorry, but “I forgot to record” won’t work anymore.

Seamless meeting recordings

Connecting your Google Calendar to Wingman takes a second and boom! All your scheduled sales meetings will now be automatically recorded, transcribed and analyzed.
You can toggle recording off for a meeting when you need to. All it takes is a click.

Don’t take notes ever again

Wingman transcribes and analyzes your sales meetings in real-time, so a recording is ready to review seconds after the call ends.
Forget the notes, focus on moving the conversation forward and follow-up with full context from previous sales interactions.

Faster, more effective call reviews

Don’t just read your calls, review them at lightspeed. Wingman’s AI automatically detects speakers, topics, competitor mentions, questions and next steps.
Sharing feedback on a call? Just add a comment and tag your rep. They are notified immediately. Simple.

It’s crazy easy to set up and use. You can link your calendar and not have to worry about adding the bot to every single call!

Ana Brandt

Sales Operations Manager,
Red Points

Wingman gives me clear visibility into exactly where any deal is in the pipeline. This saves me hours each week, improves forecast accuracy and helps us train our growing and now distributed sales force.

Kevin Clark

SVP Sales,

Wingman is a game changer. Our customers say so.

Super simple to set up. Automatically detects meetings from the calendar and adds itself to Zoom/Hangouts calls. Would recommend Wingman over!

Rushabh Shah


Modern sales teams love Wingman.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sync Google Calendar with Wingman?

In Wingman settings, click on Google Calendar sync. Login to your Google account and enable read access to your calendar events. That’s it. Wingman does the rest.

What data does Wingman sync with Google Calendar?

Wingman syncs upcoming meetings, participant info and video conferencing links from your Google Calendar.

Can I stop Wingman from recording our internal meetings?

You shouldn’t have to. Wingman automatically joins meetings on your calendar with a video conferencing link and external participants (not on the same email domain as your company), so internal team meetings are not recorded. You can manually toggle recording on/off for meetings if you need to.

Can I add Wingman to an ad hoc meeting?

Yes. Wingman automatically joins sales meetings on your calendar, but you can also quickly add it to an unscheduled meeting. Learn more.

Automagically record your meetings with Wingman