Real-time sales coaching software that helps your team win deals with confidence

Help your team close deals faster with real-time sales coaching and cues, powered by the best of conversation intelligence.

Real-time sales coaching software that packs a punch

Pitch perfect with contextual cue cards

Want your reps to shuffle through 20 pages to find the answers they need while on call? Didn't think so. Give them pop-up cards with just the right response to seal the deal. Contextual, customizable and discreet.

Bookmark a moment with one click

Make a note of important, coachable moments on a call to share with your team to clearly understand the context of a conversation. Find all bookmarks neatly nestled under highlights on the call review page.

No droning on with long monologue alerts

All talk and no listen makes your prospects go to sleep. Get a gentle nudge to pause and ask a question when you've been talking for too long and to match your customer's rate of speech.

Ready to get the sales coaching software your team needs?

Wingman is great for employee training. I really like the analytics and the general interface. But what really makes Wingman amazing is the real-time coaching ability!

Ben Green

VP Operations,

I love the abilities it offers to coach you in real-time during sales calls. For instance, Wingman alerts you when you are on a monologue and anyone who works in sales, knows that it’s so hard sometimes to just shut up and listen. Similarly, you can also bookmark moments in calls in real-time, such that it’s easy to review later.

David Self

Keet Healthcare

Building better sales habits can be challenging.

I use Wingman for my discovery calls and one of the things it helps me do is identify when I'm talking too much, or using certain words or phrases that I'm trying to avoid. And I can change my sales behavior.

Jason Bay

Chief Prospecting Officer,
Blissful Prospecting

Real-time sales coaching is a gift that keeps on giving, much beyond just one sales call.

Make sales coaching contextual and instant
The best learning is on the job, not later. But you can’t be on every sales call. Can you?
Onboard and train your sales team faster
With 80% of sales training forgotten in 7 days without reinforcement, we keep things real.
Create a sales playbook that gets results
Help you team navigate the tricky slopes of customer questions with a proven formula.
Create sales enablement content in real time
Tweak your pitch and messaging in minutes. Keep up with the market, not the other way around.

Real-time sales coaching with Wingman 101

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I customize the cue cards?

Yes, the cue cards are completely customizable. You can add as many as you like. We do offer some cue cards right out of the box, so you have something good to build on top of.

Is there a limit on the number of cue cards I can set up?

No, there is no limit. We do recommend setting up only the cue cards that you really need, so that they don’t interfere with your reps’ attention.

How soon will the long monologue alert pop up?

It is set to show up at a default of 90 seconds. But you can change it to suit your team and customers. Tip: It’s always good to mirror your customer’s behavior for better synergy - says Chris Voss, among others.

Can the customer see the cue cards and prompts?

No, your customers should not be able to see the cue cards and prompts if you manage your settings. Read more here.

Can I share a call or part of a call with someone?

Yes, you can set up different cue cards for different teams and some just for yourself, depending on what you need help with. For instance, that product feature you just can’t seem to remember to pitch or that pricing response you need to nail.

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