Stop juggling.
Drop the ball.

‘Coz you’re in sales, not the circus. Act when it matters with real-time, intelligent alerts delivered where you work.

Use Actions in Slack to stop revenue leak, cut the busywork, collaborate on key deals and make your forecasts more accurate than ever.

Take acti

n with your

Wingman in Slack.

Wingman in Slack.

Stop revenue leak, together

Pricing not discussed, competitor mentions or no decision-makers on call — Actions automatically surfaces at-risk opportunities in a Slack channel, so you can coach reps and collaborate on key deals in a click.
Wingman helps me act intelligently with my deals and helps me improve my forecast, I can save 20% time week on week to find pain points and act on them smartly.
Tarun Agrawal
Account Director, Airmeet

Optimize everyday sales workflows

Cut the busywork and make more time for selling with pre- and post-call Actions in Slack. Get prospect intelligence and meeting summaries, send follow-up emails (with pre-filled next steps!) or update CRM in a click.
Super easy to set up and start using. For an early stage, fast-growing company, Wingman is indispensable. We end up saving hours daily!
Karthik Vemparala
Co-founder, Sprinto

Make your forecasts more accurate

Love it or hate it, poor CRM hygiene means patchy sales forecasts. But with Actions, updating CRM after every call is as easy as point-and-click — from Slack. Making your sales forecasts more accurate has never been easier (or more fun!).
Wingman helps me pinpoint exactly where any deal is in the pipeline. This saves me hours each week, improves forecast accuracy and helps us train our growing and now remote sales force.
Kevin Clark
VP Sales, Synup

Less busywork, more selling.

Better sales conversations

Prospect intel. Call summaries. Easy CRM sync. Auto-filled follow-up emails 🔥. It's everything you need to focus on your customer and have better sales conversations.

Drive revenue collaboration

Product feedback or voice of the customer, easily share insights to align revenue-critical teams and drive collaboration with Actions in Slack.

Signals, not noise

Forget non-stop notifications. Get custom alerts delivered at just the right time and place for full visibility into your sales org, minus all the chatter.

Quarterback deals from anywhere

Take charge and quick-start discussions with deal owners on opportunities at risk. Get on the same page with private chats pre-filled with deal info and warnings.

Call coaching FTW

Tagged in a comment? New calls scored? New game tapes? Stay in the loop with instant alerts for coaching feedback, knowledge sharing and more.

Strike when the iron is hot

Timing is everything. Know when prospects view your shared recordings, within Slack. Boost close rates by following up when you’re on their mind.

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